If you’re building a service-based business and work with your clients 1:1, eventually you’ll hit a revenue ceiling – find out how to grow your business and get your clients better results without having to reinvent the wheel every time!

When you’re trying to grow a business on your own, it’s important to work smarter, not harder.

Group programs allow you to serve more people, build community, support client satisfaction, and work for many different types of service-based businesses, not just coaching!

But designing and delivering a successful, sustainable group program that gets great results means getting the format, delivery and marketing just right.

Join us for this 90-minute workshop, Boost Your Business with a Group Program that Gets Results, to learn a tried and true recipe for success that will allow you to grow your revenue, recruit and retain awesome clients, and have a ton of fun in the process.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, and workshop some of your great ideas for a group program of your own!

Do you struggle with…

  • Making enough money working with clients one-on-one?
  • Feeling burned out trying to maintain large numbers of clients?
  • Finding clients that you actually want to work with, who can pay what you’re worth?
  • The early stages of business and trying to figure out a winning formula?
  • Imposter syndrome – who am I to be doing this in the first place?

This workshop is for you if …

  • You’re investing too much time into 1:1 calls and you’re ready to scale.
  • You want to provide a rich environment for your clients.
  • You want to build a group program that sets clients up for success.

You will walk away with…

  • Ideas and inspiration for how to develop and run a group program.
  • Confidence in packaging your own unique gifts in a way that you can sell – AND that gets great results for your clients.
  • Reassurance that your business absolutely can scale and thrive with the right product mix.

“Victoria meets you where you are in the process of growing your business. She knows just when to let your imagination flow and when to reel you back in so you can figure out what you need to do to bring your vision to life.” – Heather M

Join us for this workshop and get…

  • Insight into a successful group coaching program with little turnover.
  • Advice on how to structure your own program, including key elements that make all the difference.
  • Plenty of opportunities for interaction, Q&A, and focused coaching support on YOU and your business

“Victoria offers clarity that is desperately needed when starting a business. You can do a million things OK, but Victoria shows you 3 things you can do best.”

Meet Your Workshop Leader, Victoria Dew, SCMP, Dewpoint Communications

Victoria knows first-hand how challenging being a solopreneur can be, and is an expert at helping others to navigate their way through the highs and lows of building a business. She is a certified business coach, and helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs build profitable companies that are aligned with their values and life goals. She also runs a thriving consultancy serving corporate clients, and loves to help coaching clients build both B2C and B2B buisnesses.

Connect with Victoria! Follow her on Instagram at @dewpointcomms!

Join us for Boost Your Business with a Group Program that Gets Results, on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, at 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT.

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Still wondering if this event is for you?

Here’s what recent event and retreat participants had to say about their experience:

“This workshop was fantastic, so well run, and filled with valuable content. I highly recommend going to the next one. Victoria is knowledgeable, nimble on her feet, professional, highly experienced, gracious, funny, and a beautiful soul.”

“Victoria gives amazing value with her gift of time, experience and genuineness with her interest in you and your business. This retreat was filled with nuggets on next steps in mindset and value and the confidence to up my game with the packages that I offer my clients.”

“Excellent program. Your visuals are stunning, your content is excellent, your facilitation skills are awesome.”

Victoria is known for helping her clients to get outstanding results. Here’s what some of them have to say about coaching with her:

​”If someone is reading this and trying to decide whether to commit…DO IT! Don’t even think about it anymore. I recently started in one of Victoria’s group programs and it’s the most personally resonant, hands-on business learning experiences I have had in a long time – if ever! So appreciative of Victoria’s authentic and low-key presence combined with sharp business and coaching acumen, all guided by an understated but laser-focused, intuitive manner”

” I went from unemployment to six figures in 2020! I’ve been able to hire a full-time employee and support myself. I ended 2020 reaching my monthly revenue goal and since January 2021 been doubling it every month – have already hit my annual goal for this year!’

“I went from $0 to $8500 in the first month I worked with Victoria. Having the confidence to just put my fees out there in the world and let people respond to them was huge for me. I would have absolutely undercharged otherwise.”

“My business has doubled in size and revenue since working with Victoria!”

“Working with Victoria has opened my eyes and mind to possibilities I hadn’t considered. She is an idea machine. She has a lot of compassion and can quickly identify pain points. I truly believe my business wouldn’t be where it is now without her guidance and support.”

Boost Your Business with a Group Program that Gets Results

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