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Logo1Gabby Barikian is a self-taught calligrapher and has always been a huge supporter of handmade work! She is constantly looking for new and creative ways to put her service to use and loves gaining inspiration from other talented creatives around her.

Ink & honey co. specializes in handwritten calligraphy and lettering services for events, weddings, businesses, and custom orders. It’s all about that personal touch!

Gabby will be joining us as a premier vendor at our NYC Vendor Social on June 19th!!! Take a night off to mix & mingle and enjoy the work of fellow NYC creatives! 

I’ve been working on launching my business for over a year, but I officially launched in January 2017.
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Writing is something I’ve just always loved to do. I’m the girl who loved writing down notes in school, threw out to-do lists if they weren’t written neatly enough, and once hand-wrote a Hogwarts acceptance letter addressed to my younger sister. When I started being requested to write things for other people, my gears started to turn and I knew I wanted more. So, after years of doodling, practicing calligraphy and perfecting my own handwriting styles, I decided to share my love of calligraphy and lettering with my peers and see where it takes me. When you get that gut feeling – the one that makes you say, “Okay, I think I’m onto something…” – I don’t believe in letting that feeling disappear. I guess it’s one of the great things about being part of a very entrepreneurial generation; you are inspired to find whatever it is you love doing and just go after it.


I think detaching myself from technology is one of the things I love about calligraphy. Although I often digitize my work and I use social media to promote my business, we live in a very technology-dominated world and it’s really nice to just pick up a pen and power through a project sometimes. Making people happy and seeing a customer satisfied with my work is also definitely up there, especially when I’m working on something so personal, like a wedding for example. That’s when I know I’ve really brought their vision to life and made their day special.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. I haven’t been asked to write anything HP-related yet, though. If this sounds like you – Hello. Nice to meet you. I am your girl.

Write more! It’s good for you 🙂

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