Laura Paskoff of Elpy Marketing will show you how to Increase Your Online Visibility!

Are you being seen online?

Laura will be going over tips for businesses to ensure they are being seen and are competitive online.

You will learn the importance of being visible online, then how to check if their website is optimized, what free tools to incorporate (and why), and some basic SEO tactics to help their business stand out and successfully compete within their field for space online.

You will learn:

  • How to check if your website is taking up space online
  • What free, online tools to connect and why
  • How to perform basic & effective keyword research
  • How to incorporate SEO best practices into a website
  • How to make essential technical updates to a website
  • How to ensure your digital marketing and social media strategies are effective

Meet our workshop leader!

Laura Paskoff is a digital marketing consultant specializing in guiding businesses through the confusing jungle of being competitive on the internet.

Utilizing her enthusiasm for SEO and digital strategy, Laura founded Elpy Marketing in order to connect businesses with their ideal audience while enhancing their websites & online presence.

The founding principles of Elpy are collaboration, personalization, and education.

When she isn’t working or researching the newest digital trends, Laura can be found exploring new hiking trails with her dog Burrito.