Shocking information, I know.

Sara? A Rebel? Nahhhhhh

The other day, Erin encouraged me to take The Four Tendencies Quiz by Gretchen Rubin (I believe her exact words were “take the dang quiz”)

Erin learned that she is an Obliger.

According to Erin’s summary… Upholders want to know what should be done. Questioners want justifications. Obligers need accountability. Rebels want the freedom to do something their own way.

I definitely need accountability. If I know someone’s counting on me, I have no problems meeting their expectations, but if I set up an expectation for myself, IT IS SO MUCH HARDER.” -Erin, Business Manager of District Bliss + CEO of Mabely Q

So, I took the quiz (slightly begrudgingly) and learned that my dominant tendency is Rebel.

And, suddenly, everything makes sense in my working relationship with Erin.

If you caught the episode of The Wedding Dish where Erin talked about how she had to track me down to join the District Bliss team, you’ll totally get it.

The idea of hiring an assistant or business manager was overwhelming to me. It was the training aspect and then holding them accountable for things. I just didn’t want to put the effort in, so I was just overworking myself and not getting the support I needed in order to grow (and be sane, if we’re being honest here).

(In fact, while writing this blog post, I got bored and decided to update my plugins. Now, I’m back.)

If I have something on my calendar, I have to fight the urge to constantly reschedule. I hate the feeling of obligation. One of the things I’m trying out in 2020 is *not* rescheduling. It’s been a struggle, but I’m doing ok (let’s not go overboard and say I’m doing great).

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy what’s on my calendar — I do! I love seeing people, I love going to meetings, I love networking. I’m an ENFP, for goodness sake! (If you’re jonesing for another quiz, you can take the Myers-Briggs Personality Type test here.)

But, as soon as there’s something on the calendar, I feel trapped and my brain starts making excuses.

That’s the Rebel in me.

My point is that we all have our “isms” and understanding them is one of the keys to adapting, giving ourselves grace — and not punishing ourselves for being who we are, and being successful.

I’m embracing my inner Rebel and I’m glad to have my Obliger Erin on the District Bliss team. Because without her, I wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

Do you want to “take the dang quiz” and find out what your tendencies are? We’d love to hear which tendency you identify with and how you have adapted to be successful!