We all know that networking has value, but in order to get the best ROI, you really need to set an intention before the event.

Far too often, I hear from people that they’re networking because they want to “get new clients.”

If you’re networking with the intention to convert each person you talk with into a client, you’re looking at a maximum of approximately three potential clients per event.

Considering most people convert at about 20%, those aren’t great odds.

The question is… how are you going to get new clients?

I want you to try this on…

Goal: increase your visibility. ✅

  • Accomplish by: Collaborating with another business owner on things like workshops, email swaps (where you each feature the other person in an email to your list), speaking opportunities… the list goes on and on.
  • Result: rather than gaining ONE client, you have the potential to gain multiple clients from a single interaction.

I don’t know about you, but that feels much more doable, lucrative, and FUN! Because instead of feeling salesy, you’re looking to embark on a mutually beneficial relationship. 🎊

Try it and lmk how it goes!

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