If you’re reading this, you know the importance of being clear and concise in your messaging.

But, if you’re not speaking to your ideal audience, it doesn’t really matter.

So, how do you know if you’re speaking to your ideal client?

  1. Ask yourself: who are my current or former clients that I consider ideal? Make a list of 2-3 people.
  2. Interview them. Schedule a call and ask them questions that help you refine the way you’re speaking to them (Sprout Creative has an awesome comprehensive sheet built out for you here). I like to use Zoom for these interviews, with closed captions enabled because you can save the transcripts and highlight words and phrases.
  3. Use the exact words that your ideal client uses. If you see that everyone you interview describes your services as “approachable”, use that term in your marketing. Not only that, but use approachable language throughout your marketing content.

Lean into what you uncover during these client interviews. Because that’s what sets you apart! That’s why people keep coming back to YOU!

But, what if none of your clients are willing to be interviewed with you?

In my experience, most people are happy to go through this process. But, if you’re nervous that no one will be willing to hop on a call with you, you can offer them something as a thank-you. A cup of coffee, time on your calendar, a free ticket to an upcoming event you’re hosting, or even a gift goes a long way!

(Shout out to District Bliss Member Sprout Creative for sharing this process with me.)

Go forth and interview your people! Cheers!

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