Bringing on a team can seem overwhelming. Training is time-consuming. How do you even find the *right* fit?

For a long time, we brought on interns. As a former teacher, I loved (and still do) the idea of educating people who wanted to start their own businesses and giving them the foundation that I wish I’d had.

But, interns are not permanent team members. Training and re-training took a toll on me.

After a few years, I scaled down and got small again because I didn’t want to put the effort in. I was run down. I even thought about closing up shop.

I hit the wall when my parents were visiting.

I heard my dad start moving around and starting his morning routine; I’d stayed up until 6:15am working 🤯

I snuck up the stairs in my own house and tucked myself into bed quietly so no one would know.

I am in my 30s. 😂  wtf am I doing sneaking around my own house like I’m 16?!

That’s when I knew I was working way too hard.

The following week, I opened myself back up to hiring.

I set my budget, I made a list of qualities that a team member should have, I wrote out our code of conduct and ethics.

I made a list of the responsibilities that

1. I didn’t need to be doing
2. I didn’t want to be doing
3. I just wasn’t doing bc I didn’t have the bandwidth

I wanted someone who was as invested in District Bliss as I was. That was extremely important to me.

It sounds silly, but I wanted someone who could read my mind (don’t we all kind of want that?)

So, what does that all mean?

Well, let’s get you set up to bring on a team:

⚡Put systems into place that can be automated. This will help you with the onboarding process and get your new team member used to your methodology.

⚡Ask your community for referrals. Who are their team members? Are they taking on new clients? Would they be a good fit for your business?

⚡Find a way of communicating that is specific to business (not social) items. For us, Slack is the answer. Others use Voxer. Keep business-related items off text. Texting should be a for social interaction.

⚡Invest your time in bringing on the *right* team member so you can scale successfully and focus on your CEO duties.