How do we stay motivated and keep the momentum going?⁠⁠

We all do this, don’t we?

We sit down, outline some goals, and immediately dive into trying to accomplish them as quickly as possible.⁠⁠

And then, at some point, we burn out.⁠

Combating burnout can be challenging for everyone, but especially entrepreneurs.

It can make us want to give up, close up shop, throw up our hands and ask why we ever started this journey to begin with.⁠

⁠What do I do to combat burnout and keep moving forward? I’ll tell you…⁠⁠

💫 I get up and move. If I start feeling that anxiety shift, I stand up and physically move. Sometimes I just go get coffee. Sometimes I move my set-up to another room and work there⁠

💫 I don’t force myself. Give yourself some grace. You can’t just put things off indefinitely, but forcing yourself can be counterproductive and often causes creatives to lose focus and waste time procrastinating⁠

💫 I take breaks. I get up from the computer and put my phone away. I find that I need to get up from the computer and just stretch every hour⁠

💫 I do something creative. I doodle in my planner, write a cute card, or dedicate the time to drawing or painting⁠

💫 I “close up shop” at the end of the day and don’t think about it again until the morning. This might be one of the most important parts of my daily routine. I physically close my computer, leave the room I was working in, and mentally move on to spending time with my family⁠

💫 I talk and think about my business like it is my child. It sounds really silly, I know. Last year, Creative Successful Entrepreneurs CEO, Melissa McFarlane, pointed out that when I talk about my business, I sound really negative or angry. It was my inflection. If I think of it as a living, breathing thing that I’ve made and I am taking care of, my attitude changes. I am not the business, it is something that I made⁠

💫 I remind myself that I am human. Let’s be honest here: we’re flawed. We can’t do “everything” — we need support (shout out to Mabely Q, Sprout Creative, and Creations by Sasha, my amazing team)⁠⁠

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