Can you believe it’s Q3? 2022 is zipping by. But, don’t worry – there’s still time to reach your financial goals in 2022!

In order to get to six figures – and stay there – you need reliable, repeatable income.

For those of us who are service-based business owners, that means that you need to create packages, price them appropriately, and then sell them.

And, honestly, that’s not always easy. (It certainly wasn’t for me!)

That’s why I asked Melissa, founder and CEO of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, to lead our upcoming workshop:

Six Figures This Year on Wednesday, 9/7, at 1pm ET / 10am PT.

If you’re a creative stuck in the trap of working too hard for too little and you want to make a real, secure living with your unique talents, this workshop is for you.

In just 90-minutes, you’ll receive tangible steps to move forward quickly!

🔹create your offer
🔹package and price appropriately for your business and income goals
🔹generate leads
🔹get people on your calendar
🔹have sales conversations that close people into high-ticket offers with ease

Grab your FREE ticket to 6 Figures This Year today! 

Oh, and did I mention that everyone who attends will get a free gift? Because we want you in the driver’s seat and on your way to six figures NOW!

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Earn 6 figures this year as an entrepreneur - free workshop

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