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Lacoya Heggie, founder & lead event planner of Hello Love Events, has been in business since 2012 and she’s been her own boss lady ever since! Hello Love Events offers wedding coordination along with styling + calligraphy services! Lacoya fell in love with wedding planning after planning her own wedding & she’s been dedicated ever since to helping couples make their wedding day as special & unique as possible. Lacoya enjoys being a visionary and loves watching the details and visions of a wedding unfold into a magical reality. Couples can count on Lacoya & her team to make their special day truly a dream come true!

We are super stoked to be working with such a talented planner like Lacoya for our DC Vendor Social on August 30th at Sugar Bar DC! There’s some serious fun in store so be sure to get your tickets on Eventbrite!

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Why did you decide to start your own company?

Hello Love Events‘ journey began in February 2012. I decided to start my company after falling in love with the wedding planning process during the planning of my very own wedding! I truly loved putting together all of the details and coordinating with vendors, etc. My favorite piece is actually visualizing all of the pieces coming together inside of my head and then slowing watching everything unfold in reality and, due to organization and communication, seeing everything play out exactly how it was planned to. I also love ‘fixing’ things, so as much as I do hope that nothing goes awry on wedding days, I pride myself on being able to remedy unexpected occurrences that may/may not arise.

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How did you come up with the name of your company?

Most people do not know that I initially began as ‘Miraculous Events’. I felt like the name sounded very ‘legit’ and I very much wanted the industry to take me seriously. As the months went by, however, I began to feel as though the name did not reflect my bubbly, fun, and creative personality. I felt as though it was a bit too stiff and would attract a more corporate-based client vs. the engaged couples that I discovered to be my ideal client base.


What is your favorite part about what you do?

I absolutely love the relationships formed. While doing my job, I come into contact with several people – the clients, their families, their vendors, other business owners within the wedding/event industry and I enjoy having the opportunity to impact their lives and touch them in some sort of positive way. I like to say that one of my biggest goals in life is to leave the world in a better place than I found it, and this job gives me the opportunity to do it with pure joy and passion. I absolutely love forming friendships and serving people on one of the biggest days of their lives.


Do you have a memorable story related to your business?

To date, my most laborious and traumatic experience took place during my very first wedding – it was a Month-Of Coordination couple. Their wedding venue flooded the Thursday prior, the ‘Plan B’ location was absolutely unacceptable and they didn’t have a contract so they got none of their money back. We ended up having both ceremony/reception at their mother-in-law’s home. It rained a little. My assistant and I had to manually set up 10+ tables and chairs with linens, a dance floor and two tents (with help from their family). The bartender that they hired took part in the alcohol and left drunk (which I still have nightmares about). One of the bridesmaids nearly killed herself after laying inappropriately across one of the reception tables and then sliding off, knocking the table over about 2 inches from her face (she had fallen onto the floor from being so drunk). All of that being said – I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter at the time, and by the end of the night I thought I was going into labor. It definitely is not my favorite story – but definitely the most memorable. God sure did start me out from the bottom – but now I’m here. 🙂

Do you have a favorite type of event?

I actually don’t! I love the fact that every one of my weddings is so different from one another! I have a true appreciation for very traditional, classic weddings – but I also have SUCH fun assisting with non-traditional couples, too! Honestly, I just love working with clients who appreciate and value the passion and hard work that I put into their wedding days AND I enjoy working with amazing vendors. Give me that combination, and I’m in heaven – 24/7.

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Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about you personally?

I’m a wedding planner and a darn good one – but that’s only a small portion of my life. I’m also a mom, a wife, and a daughter of the King. If I ever wanted anyone to know one thing about me and one thing only, it’s that I love the Lord. He’s given me so much that I don’t deserve, so much grace and mercy that I try not to let one day go by without sharing of His love and how amazing it is!


Do you have a team or do you work solo?

I do have a team! I am the lead coordinator/planner and I work with all of my clients solely up until their wedding day. On wedding days, I have anywhere from 1-3 assistants with me – without whom I would most definitely fail. Miserably! I have done TWO weddings without any assistants and while the bride/groom never knew anything was different – I literally am not sure how I survived. Haha – It’s always nice to have extra pairs of hands, be able to be in two places at once, and have someone to smile and laugh with through everything that happens throughout the day! Shoutouts to my amazing 2016 assistants – Keana, Emily (past HLE bride), Courtney (past HLE bride), Kristina (future HLE bride), and Candice (future HLE bride). I love them so much!


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