‘Tis the season of giving! Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve been waiting for this day all fall. We all know we’ll be letting out a knot on our belts and unbuttoning our pants after all the stuffing and mashed potatoes! Above all the parades, turkeys and pies, Thanksgiving is ultimately about coming together with the ones we love and care about and giving thats for all that we have in our lives. This season is also a great time to give back to those less fortunate through volunteering or donations!

District Bliss is so grateful that we not only have a kick-ass team of ladies, but such awesome friendors who support and inspire us everyday! Keep on reading to find out what our team is they’re thankful for!

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Chris Ferenzi Photography

What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful that I have such an incredible support system. It’s not easy to run a business (or two) and I am so grateful that I’m surrounded with so much positivity. I’m thankful that I’ve found a solid work-life balance – and that my friends and family understand when work takes over life for a little while during super busy seasons. I’m really just thankful for everything and everyone around me. I think I’m pretty lucky to have you all!


A few of the things I am thankful for are:

  • All of the creative people I get to work along side, especially the awesome DB team!
  • An encouraging family that supports my endeavors.
  • Valuable connections I’ve made over the past year.


So much to be thankful for! My family most importantly! Also; I’m thankful to be in a place where I have the opportunity to meet so many different people and grow both professionally and personally.


I am thankful for:

  • My amazing friends and family
  • Coffee
  • I’m graduating in May and I can finally have my own classroom!


I’m thankful I can work for myself in a job I enjoy and that allows me the flexibility to also be with my children!


I’m thankful for my loving & supportive friends and family and the District Bliss team! I’m about to graduate from college and I feel so lucky to have inspiring boss ladies to look up to as I decide my future career path!


Stay thankful and throw kindness around like confetti!