Does anxiety get in the way of living your best life? Let’s fix that

Hi! Sara here and we’re getting a little personal. 🙂


Before I share my experience, let me acknowledge that most people who know me may find this shocking. I’m not the kind of gal who lets obstacles stand in the way and never have been, so I have become extremely proficient in hiding all of my internal struggles and compartmentalizing. If you’re struggling with anxiety, take a look at

I met Carina Nickerson earlier this year and she changed my life, even though I didn’t realize it

We – as a whole, you know, the royal ‘we’ – dont talk about anxiety, depression, or anything negative very often. Who really wants to bring up the “bummer” topic, right?

I developed a panic disorder after a traumatic incident a few years ago. I had to re-learn how to live my life (among many other things), make a lot of changes (all of which were unwelcome and most of which were unpleasant), and I started to feel (and often still do) like I wasn’t myself. I’ve had to change my definition of myself.

I am always my authentic self because, well, I can’t be anyone else. But, I am very good at cloaking my anxiety and panic

Recently, I hit a breaking point. I couldn’t shake it off and my frustation/anxiety was rapidly transforming into panic and an inability to function. Our pup loves to be outside in the sun; even though it was pretty chilly, I channeled my inner Carina and sat in our yard with him – just being present and focusing on my breathing. The difference was indescribable when I went back to working. I was ready to tackle the day rather than feeling “stuck” or letting my productivity sink.

We all have our stuff. Many of us struggle with this everyday, but it doesn’t have to control us


Carina is FREELY offering Happy for No Reason, a live online class, on March 31st at 1pm PST (4pm EST) for anyone wanting to unhook from anxiety

Carina is an Embodied Mindfulness Coach and she’s helped many people decode their inner guidance and unlock unconditional well-being so that they have healthier relationships, the self-love to break through old, painful patterns, and the clarity and confidence to make their big dreams happen. Find out more about her HERE.

So many of us suffer from a chronic sense of “not ok.”

Whether it’s our health, our children, our partners, our career, or our relationships, this nagging sense of “something’s wrong” can prohibit us from relaxing into and enjoying our lives.

We may try different things to tame our anxiety.

But it still lingers in the background.

This can be frustrating and may stir our self-doubt even more.

The problem isn’t us.

It’s that we are missing an essential key step in dissolving our anxiety angst.

What if happiness and deep contentment were your birthright? What if the joy that’s eluding you is possible right here and right now amidst the very life you are living?

The limiting beliefs and negative emotions that fuel our discontent need not keep us from the happiness we seek.

Join me for a morning of transformation as we turn the straw of anxiety, doubt and frustration into the gold of clarity, calm, and happiness.

Discover the essential key step to finding freedom from anxiety.

Learn research based, mindfulness practices to transform the limiting beliefs that are fueling feelings of unease.

“I have experienced various types of therapies over the years, from individual, group, and couples therapy. None of them have been as effective and life changing as the mindfulness work I’ve done under the guidance of Carina.”- Beatrice S


Happy for No Reason with Carina Nickerson, a LIVE Online Class | March 31 2018 | 1pm PST (4pm EST)

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