Happy Father’s Day everyone!!

We hope everyone gets to take the time this weekend to celebrate/honor the father figures in your lives! Whether it’s your father, step-father, grandfather, husband (you get the picture!), let them know you appreciate them! Thank them for all the love and support they’ve given you!

We wanted to give the District Bliss fathers special shout-outs to let them know how much they rock!


When I was a little girl, my class made wallet-sized postcards as a Father’s Day gift. There was a template and we had to fill in answers – you know, what teachers do when you’re a kid. For the longest time, my dad carried that thing in his wallet, so I actually remember what it said:

Dear Dad, Thanks for always taking me to Pennsylvania with you.

I like it when we go to Penn State games.

You are the first man I ever loved.

Happy Father’s Day!

If you know me, you totally get the whole football thing. It was always sort of my “thing” with my dad. (Well, that and hiding somewhere in the house so I could jump out at him when he arrived home from work or, you know, various other times throughout the day; I got him really good a few years ago. For a second, I thought I might have given him a heart attack. He’s fine. Don’t worry.)

I loved hanging with my dad’s former teammates before the game and hearing their old “war stories”. I liked throwing the ball with them. I loved the game. My dad and I would sit together and he’d tell me about the game, the players, we’d listen to a portable radio with the game analysis and he’d teach me the rules. Best of all, my dad would pick me up and we’d cheer whenever there was a big play or when the game ended.

My dad taught me what good sportsmanship looked like. He taught me to always be fair, even when I didn’t like it. He taught me how to appreciate people for who they are. He taught me that the best cure for a bad mood is to brighten someone else’s day. He taught me how to sock dance in the kitchen. And, he taught me that it’s ok to be who I am, especially when I didn’t like it.

Thanks, Dad, for teaching me how to be the person I am. You are – and always will be – the first man I ever loved.

LYM, Poppa Bear! S



“Life may not always go as planned but there is always a way to get through it.” Thanks for being a rockstar dad! Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

xo Sarah







Noelle + Dad hugging

So thankful for my dad this Father’s Day (and every day of the year!). He always makes me laugh, gives the best hugs, and I know that I can count on him no matter what life throws my way. You’re the best, Dad!

All my love, Noelle

Noelle + Dad - childhood photo


Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thank you for always being a goofball and making me laugh. Thank you for teaching me valuable life lessons and making me a stronger person, and thank you for supporting my dreams! I love you!

Love, Melanie


Happy Father’s Day! We hope everyone enjoys their weekend! 

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