Meet GroupWedDC!

 GroupWedDC is bringing you a one of a kind group wedding experience. GroupWedDC is perfect for unconventional couples looking for a non-traditional wedding. GroupWedDC not only gives you a wedding, but a reception that allows you and your new spouse to compete against three to four couples in a series of fun marriage games and test your teamwork skills!
Each couple has the chance to win a grand prize giveaway but everyone will be leaving with new friendships & amazing memories!
GroupWedDC is hosting a launch party and they want you to be there! Celebrate this unique business all while helping a good cause! 

GroupWedDC Launch Party at Gallery O on H St, Saturday March 11th, 2017

Three to four couples participate in a one of a kind group wedding experience. The wedding ceremony is a theatrical performance incorporating modern art, music, fashion, and culture. The reception is a series of competitive marriage games that will test their ability to work as a team, challenge preconceived notions of marriage and relationships, and teach them how patience, laughter, and creativity are some of the greatest assets in any relationship. At the end of the night they go home with the Grand Prize Giveaway, and/or memories and friendships that will last them a life time.


How long have you been in business? 

We have been planning and coordinating weddings for going on 4 years. We decided we wanted to break the mold and create an alternative wedding experience that was unique, affordable, stress free, purposeful, and experience driven. We also wanted to do something that allowed us to be our most creative and share our gifts with the world.