Meet Fermensch Kombucha

Chad & Norman Huniu, a son & father team, brought fresh sips to our LA Vendor Social back in February and now they’re back to tell you all about Fermensch Kombucha! Fermensch Kombuscha is a small-batch, artisan kombucha brewery serving up kombucha on tap! Chad was inspired by his obsession for food & flavor and his desire to express his creativity through them! Their handcrafted kombucha is created with fresh, organic, and local produce in SoCal! Dying to try a sip? Get some here and read all about them below!

I decided to start my own company for several different reasons. One was an obsession with food, flavor and fermentation, and a need to express myself creatively through these things. Another was this weighty sense of having to live up to those who came before me in my family, straight up. I started out like many others, a directionless college grad. I had a growing love of organic farming, healthy eating, and being in kitchens, which eventually led to me becoming a line cook and ultimately creating Fermensch Kombucha. We’ve been in business now for just over a year.

All credit goes to my better half. We were riffing on titles for a fermentation blog I had intended to start years ago. My family is Jewish. Mensch is a yiddish word that means a “nice guy” or “good guy.” In German, it simply means “man” or “human.” Put that together with “ferment,” and you’ve got yourself a nice pun game going.

My favorite part is probably coming up with the flavors. But I like being on my feet. I love brewing, kegging, chopping up fruit. Delivering kegs, pouring booch for people.

The first time I decided to drop some fresh jalapeños, cilantro and limes into my kombucha was a real turning point. A game changer.

We love doing the Irvine Farmers Market every Saturday. Having that connection to our community has been awesome! Vegan and other food festivals are always a blast, too.

I wear a hat that says FOOD on it in big block letters. I think that pretty much sums me up.

Fermensch Kombucha, Artisan Kombucha Brewery

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