Love our vendor socials, but can’t wait till August? Wait no longer, we’ve launched our Facebook group! This group welcomes all creatives and vendors in the wedding & event industry to join and share ideas! We hope it’ll have the same awesome, chill, and welcoming atmosphere as our vendor socials! Ask questions and share concerns; we’re here to help! Share fun events and anything you’d think would be helpful to the group. Plus, get to know your fellow creatives!! Come join the fun here!

Pearly Kate Photography

Pearly Kate Photography

Welcome to the District Bliss Vendor + Creatives Group!

Pearly Kate Photography

Pearly Kate Photography

Our hope is that this group creates a welcoming, supportive, nonjudgmental, helpful, community – like our Vendor Socials, but online!


  1. Be respectful, kind, offer only constructive criticism, and remember that things are not always *read* the way they would be said. Think before posting.
  2. Feel free to offer referrals, share events, ask questions, talk shop, etc.
  3. Dont spam or self-promote (you know what we mean! 😉 Avoid things like posting IG handles just to gain followers and clogging the feed, etc.); use your best judgment.
  4. We will not take down posts without explanation.
Photos from the Harty ı Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography ı

Photos from the Harty | Wedding, Event, & Lifestyle Photography |

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