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Networking Social and Wine Tasting Workshop

May 13, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

Wine Tasting with Together with Wine and Networking Social with District Bliss

Virtual networking with an in-person vibe that’s tons of fun! Let’s get together for some networking + wine tasting

Networking online with an in-person vibe, quality connections, and tons of fun

You need to be networking, but sometimes networking online doesn’t feel authentic.

We’ve cracked the code, so join us for a fun event that makes building your network a breeze!

 Virtual Networking Social | Networking Happy Hour + Wine Tasting image

Sometimes we need to feel like we’re out in public during this work-from-home life.

Get together with like-minded, generous humans who are excited to meet you and support your business endeavors.

For this Networking Social, we’ll be joined by Kim from Together With Wine.

Kim is here as your personal sommelier and wine cheerleader! TWW private tastings are a place to let loose and enjoy yourself while learning and building #wineconfidence. The vibe is friendly and feel-good, where people are encouraged to ask questions and laugh.

What you’ll get:

  • A curated list of wines that are within your budget with links of where to get them from, catered to availability in your location
  • Taste up to four wines, depending on your preference and budget, with us
  • Tasting materials, including a tasting worksheet and wine aromas list
 Virtual Networking Social | Networking Happy Hour + Wine Tasting image


6:30 pm ET — Tasting, Group Introductions. We’ll each take about 45 seconds to introduce ourselves to the group. Be sure to show up on time otherwise you may miss the introduction!

  • Come with your Instagram link (https://instagram.com/ _____), website, and one sentence about what you do.

6:50 pm ET — Tasting as a Group, Break-Out Room. We’ll pop you into a series of breakout rooms for 20 minutes to do a little networking in small groups!

7:10 pm ET — Tasting as a Group, Break-Out Room.

7:30 pm ET — Tasting as a group, Break-Out Room.

7:50 pm ET — Thanks for coming, save the chat! We’ll come back together to network as a group and celebrate!

8:00 pm ET — Go forth and start connecting with your new network!

 Virtual Networking Social | Networking Happy Hour + Wine Tasting image

“I attended one online event and I could immediately tell that there was such a great energy. As soon as I arrived, I felt welcomed. It was like an in-person feeling in an online world! Sara popped us into little breakout rooms for a few minutes before we got started, which really encouraged connection. We followed each other on Instagram and have stayed in touch. I felt like I could meet my business bestie from just attending one workshop — who knew?!” — Christa Davis, Christa Davis Coaching

 Virtual Networking Social | Networking Happy Hour + Wine Tasting image

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After ONE networking event, I booked two high-ticket, ideal clients — and I’ve continued to convert clients at each subsequent event! Because District Bliss makes the events so warm, engaging and welcoming, that awkward networking ice is broken right away and business owners can immediately connect with perfect-match, top paying, high integrity, fun customers. You won’t find this at other events. With the top-tier sponsoring opportunity, we are truly thrilled and have found a comfortable, monetizing networking hub — couldn’t be happier! — Melissa McFarlane, Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

 Virtual Networking Social | Networking Happy Hour + Wine Tasting image

What are you waiting for? Get involved!

“I have partnered with dozens of brands and companies to co-host events and virtual workshops over the years, and I have to say that District Bliss was by far a standout! The entire team is efficient, friendly, professional, genuine, and quite frankly just have their “ish” together! From a vendor standpoint, this made my life a WHOLE lot easier. If you’re considering working with District Bliss, here is my official recommendation to stop considering and just do it, you won’t regret it!” — Lexie Smith, CEO of THEPRBAR inc.


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