Code of Ethics and Conduct

District Bliss Community

Code of Ethics:

We’re committed to supporting diversity in all forms — including, but certainly not limited to gender, background, age range, people with disabilities/differently-abled peoples, types of business, ethnicity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

We are committed to elevating everyone — especially those who have been or are suppressed, marginalized, or the like — and the District Bliss Community welcomes everyone who is kind, open, and wants to build a stronger business.

Code of Conduct:

District Bliss curating a supportive community of entrepreneurs in a safe, confidential space.

District Bliss Members should behave in a way that represents the District Bliss Code of Ethics; rude behavior, discrimination of any kind, etc. will not be tolerated.

Violation of the District Bliss Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics will result in immediate termination of Membership and/or expulsion from the District Bliss Community without any sort of reimbursement of fees.