You know you need to be using video, but you’re not professionally trained…

Not a problem!

We asked Tara Garwood of Banner Day Films (and District Bliss Member) for some simple DIY lighting tricks to make your phone videos worthy of attention — and boy did she deliver!

Over the course of the next few weeks, you’ll gain some tidbits to help you hit the ground running and accelerate your online business!

People may forgive a lot of things, but they will not forgive bad audio. — Tara, CEO of

  • If you’re using your phone (or computer / tablet), stand within a few feet.
  • Use a shotgun mic or lavalier (links below).
  • Be aware of background audio and noise that might interfere or overpower your voice.
  • Even your headset mic will sound better than your built-in mic.

You can snag Tara’s Foolproof Phone Videos Checklist here. And, get the Banner Day Films’ Phone Video Equipment List here.

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