Another DIY?! Say whaaaaat? We’re back with another awesome DIY and this time Sarah (with an h!) of the District Bliss team is sharing her super easy, colorful, and not to mention rad DIY Tissue Paper Tassels with us today, originally posted on Pollyanna Events!

Perfect for decorating a party or as a super cute backdrop, these DIY tassels will brighten up any space. Not to mention, they’re practically made for cute Insta pics! 😉 These are easy to make as Sarah takes you step-by-step! Grab yourself some fun tissue paper (any color that you wish) and let’s get started!

DIY Tassels


I used 100 pieces of tissue paper, which made 2 tassels per piece, which means I made 200 tassels. In making all of those, I used between 4-5 dispensers of double sided scotch tape. That’s a lot of tape, if you ask me!


Here are a few tips before we get started!

  1. Although the steps are simple, depending on how many you are making it can take you a very long time so plan accordingly.
  2. I bought double the tissue paper because I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be, if I would make mistakes, and how much the tissue paper would decorate.
  3. Scissors take longer than the pizza cutter and they hurt your hand much faster. I started off using the pizza cutter and then realized It wasn’t strong enough and switched to scissors. I think I still have a callus on my hand two weeks later. Lesson learned.
  4. I went through much more tape than I imagined I would go through. For two hundred tassels I went through 4-5 scotch tape dispensers.
  5. If you have a type A personality like I do, you will probably want them to look perfect and any imperfection is not worthy of using. For this project, it is not worth striving for absolute perfection, especially if you will be hanging the tassels above eye level.

First, take your piece of tissue paper and fold it in half width-wise making the tissue paper long and skinny.


Next, take the tissue paper and fold it length wise.


Now, fold the tissue paper one more time in half. Make sure that the end facing the bottom of the table, is the open end of the tissue (not the folded end).


Time to cut! I did 3-4 pieces of tissue paper at a time. I would not do any more than that because it can get pretty hard to cut all of it at once. In the photos I used here, I cut much lower than I needed to (I could have cut about 1 1/2″ – 2″ from the folded end at the top). The less you cut up the tissue paper the less fringe you will have.


After you finish cutting, you will want to unfold your tissue paper once.


Now that your tissue paper is unfolded, it’s time to cut down the middle to divide them in two.


Now when you open it up you will need to cut again, this time you will cut it long ways down the middle to make make to tassels.


All the cutting is officially done! Great job! Now it’s time to fold them. There are many ways to roll your tassels but I am just going to focus on how I did it. I folded the tissue paper over rather than rolling it tight.


Once you have folded them, you will place a piece of double sided tape to hold the tassel together.


Folded and taped together, awesome!


Next, you will fold the tassel over and make a loop and tape again. You will need the loop so you can put the string, ribbon, or twine through all of your tassels.


Now it is time to slide all of your tassels onto your string, hang, separate your tassels, and throw a party!

Voila! You now have the CUTEST tassels to hang at your special event or even just to jazz up your bedroom!

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