District Bliss DIY: Decorate your tables with these DIY Table Numbers!

Got a special event coming up & there are just too many tables to keep track of? No worries, District Bliss’
Noelle has the perfect solution with her DIY table “numbers,” in which she put her own special twist on for her big day! These are superrrrr cute and not to mention easy + affordable to make for your special occasion! Find out about Noelle’s wedding & her DIY below!

Wedding Basics:

Date: July 8th, 2016

Location: Bushfield Manor in Montross, VA

My family has been vacationing at a house on the water in the Northern Neck of Virginia for as long as I can remember. My fiancé, Josh, has gone there with us for the last 5 years. It is near and dear to our hearts! The Northern Neck is the middle of nowhere; it consists of a bunch of tiny fishermen towns along the water with a few touristy spots along the way and A LOT of really great wineries. Bushfield Manor is right down the road from the house we rent every year, and we will be saying our “I Do’s” on our 7 year dating anniversary. We can’t wait!

Decor: Our wedding colors are lavender, dusty blue, and grey. We are really playing up the natural beauty of the water and the historic manor house and tying in a lot of vintage pieces too.

DIY Table “Numbers”

Instead of traditional numbers, we’re going with table names instead! Each of the guest tables will be named after a local town in the Northern Neck. However, this DIY could easily be done with numbers instead. In that case, they would be vertical rather than horizontal sheets of paper.

Difficulty Level: Easy-peasy!

What you’ll need ­

White Vellum Bristol Paper
Brush Pen
Watercolor Paints
Paint Brush
Photo Holder

These can also be found at your local craft store or speciality art store!


How I Did It ­

Making these watercolor table “numbers” was really simple and fun. The hardest thing was the calligraphy!

1. Start with basic white vellum bristol paper and cut it into 5×7 rectangles.


2. I then used a dark grey brush pen to write out each of the names in the center of the 5×7 sheet (for this, I read/watched a few brush pen calligraphy tutorials from Pieces Calligraphy)


3. Then, I played around with Reeves watercolors to make the perfect shades of purple and blue to brush on. I did this by mixing the standard violet and aquamarine with white.


4. After that, I lightly brushed along the left edge of the 5×7 sheet, working my way towards the middle.


5. About halfway to where the word began on the sheet, I dipped the brush in water and brushed out what was already on the sheet of paper to give the “ombre” look. I alternated blue and purple for each table name for 10 in all.


6. Lastly, I got some cute flower photo holders to place the table “numbers” in.


Our guest tables will have some vintage vases from my grandmother’s house and some touches of silver and lace. These DIY watercolor table “numbers” add just the right amount of color for our big day!

We can’t wait for the wedding!

Voila! Your guests will have no problem finding their table with these adorable & helpful signs!

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