AR Workshop Alexandria is a boutique DIY Workshop offering hands-on classes for creating custom home decor in a cozy lounge style atmosphere. Customize beautiful signage and home decor with colors and designs of your choice and enjoy a fun and crafty night out! District Bliss DIY got to team up with the talented Katie Nguyen Wells to host a DIY Business Branding + Holiday Decor workshop and it was amazing!

Read all about the experience from the District Bliss team plus check out photos of all the DIY-ers and our rad new decor!

Luckily, we get to return to AR Workshop for our DMV Vendor Social! If you missed out on the DIY, join us December 5th to check out this cute space, mix+mingle, plus participate in a fun mini DIY!

How was your experience at the DIY Workshop?

It was awesome! I didn’t really know what to expect, but everything about it was fun; if it was a challenge, it was exciting. If it was easy, it was fun. There were so many options that it was difficult to choose – and I loved everything everyone else created so much that I kind of wish I could take everything home haha

-Sara, Boss Lady/Co-Founder

The DB DIY Décor Workshop with AR Workshop was really fun! For me, it was a difficult decision in terms of what I wanted to create because of the number of options that were available. Since District Bliss does work with many small businesses within the DMV area,  we wanted the option for these businesses to create their business logos on their projects. Katie Nguyen, the owner of AR Workshop, was really great to work with. From start to finish, she was so accommodating and provided so many different suggestions to everyone in our group for ways to create our project. It was a three hour class which seems a little daunting but because everyone was talking with each other, it went by so fast. Plus, AR Workshop has a little shop you can peruse around while you’re waiting for your project to dry, which is a great added bonus when taking the workshop!
We can’t wait to work with Katie again for hopefully a next DIY Workshop!
– Cassie, DIY Blissbassador

I started out overwhelmed by choosing what project to do and not being a DIY kind of gal I was worried I might be overwhelmed all night. My need for rules and control also gets in the way of me enjoying  crafts (wow, I sound SO fun!!)! However, none of that was the case! I was given exactly enough instruction not to get overwhelmed and I had lots of rules to follow so I could make it exactly like it was supposed to look! There  is no chance of you coming away with a Pinterest fail! Phew! It was fun with little stress over messing up! I loved it!

Tracy, DC Blissbassador

This was a really enjoyable class, where everyone had the opportunity to create a unique piece for their home. I really enjoyed the hands on aspect of it all and how you got to build your piece from unfinished pieces of wood. I chose the round lazy susan with a monogram and my last name because I wanted a timeless piece that would work with a wide range of decor in my home.  In addition to the design of the lazy susan being universal, I choose a more neutral stain & paint combination, too. There were so many amazing color choices, this part was the hardest for me!
What I really liked about this unique DIY workshop experience is that it’s something you could easily do solo or with a group of friends, coworkers, family, etc.  I’m excited to continue spreading the word about AR and signing up for classes in the future!

-Brittany, VA Blissbassador 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there but I’m so glad the team had a great time! The workshop looked like so much fun! Crafting with friends is always 100x more fun!

-Melanie, Assistant + Unicorn 

Thank you Katie for being an amazing workshop leader!