Check out our first DIY Workshop and grab your tickets for our next one!

Lauren Louise Photography teaches creatives to take better photographs, use VSCO, and styling at the first District Bliss DIY Workshop!

It was a bit of a crazy day – 70 degrees after we were hit with Snowzilla. Of course the city was a mad house with everyone curing their cabin fever with outdoor brunches and shopping. Things were quite busy in Logan Circle, since it’s a popular brunch spot with an ever-growing shopping presence. Which meant that there was zero parking.

Unfortunately, that meant that many people were delayed, since no one really anticipated how bad it was going to be. Even Sara, who fancies herself a varsity-level parker in the city, and lives only a few blocks away was stunned.

Luckily, everyone arrived in high spirits, even if they were a bit late from the parking debacle. Anyone who was a little frazzled was quickly comforted by spirits served in our adorable Susty Party cups. Ok, maybe not spirits, but we were armed with plenty of champagne and orange juice for our mimosa bar; spirits just worked so well! lol

The Capital Candy Jar provided lollipops and the Popcorn Queens brought some delish, sweet popcorn. Capital Society created absolutely stunning place cards that doubled as visual aids for both the exposure triangle and the rule of thirds! SO cool!

Even though we started a bit later than anticipated, Lauren taught everyone to use VSCO cam (as in the actual camera in the VSCO application) to control exposure, white balance, how to frame an image like a pro, and gave some fantastic styling tips. She touched on DSLRs and how to use a camera manually before our guests headed out into the beautiful spring-like weather. You can download Lauren Louise Photography‘s packet here.

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Wondering about our rad dip-dyed tablecloths? Want to make your own? Stay tuned for DIY blog post about how we created these fun pops of color!

Love learning? Lauren Louise loves teaching! Swing by to check out her courses, mentoring, events, and more!

Our next DIY Workshop: All things Make-up with Ariel Lewis!

Everyone seemed to have a great time and learned a ton (we’ve noticed on instagram)! 😉 We’re super excited to announce that our next DIY Workshop tickets will be lead by Ariel Lewis on April 10th at Logan Hardware!

Ariel will be teaching us some make-up tips, tricks, what colors look best with your skin tone, how to apply a day-to-day look and transform it into evening makeup, eyebrows!, secrets that everyone should know, and much, much more!

You’ll learn how to enhance your look by learning about what works best for YOU!


—empowering women to feel confident, fabulous, and gorgeous in their own skin is the passion that drives my art.

RSVP ASAP if you’d like to grab a seat! Our first DIY Workshop sold out in record time and seating is limited!

District Bliss DIY Workshop ı Make-up tips, tricks, and secrets everyone should know!

Logan Hardware – 1734 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009

Want to lead a DIY Workshop – online or in person? Well, swing on by here to learn more!