Beautiful decor, delicious sips + bites, great company, what’s not to love?!

On August 24th, District Bliss ended the summer with a bang at our DC Vendor Social at Siren by RW! The elegant dining rooms were transformed into an idyllic wedding scene, even accompanied by a beautiful floral altar! Guests enjoyed a networking-happy hour filled with vintage beats, delicious Spanish wine & craft beer, eyelash makeovers, photo booth fun, business-building info, and of course, mixing & mingling with rad creatives + entrepreneurs!

We hope all our guests had a great time & got to meet brand new friendors! Miss the event? Don’t sweat it! Our next DC Vendor Social is already in the works! Find out how you can become a participating vendor here!

A huge thank you to all of our fabulous participating vendors for your hard work & talent! You helped make the night unforgettable! Be sure to check them out below!

Premier Vendor

PriscillaM Beauty | MUA

Featured Vendors

Siren by RW | Venue, Catering, and Mixology

Chris Ferenzi Photography | Photographer

Sincerely Pete Events | Event Planner

Just Smile Entertainment | Photo Booth

Third Clover | Designer

Nature of Design | Florist

The Dapper DJs | Disc Jockey

Capital Party Rentals | Event Rentals

Grapes of Spain | Sommelier

ACE Beverage | Fine Wine & Spirits, Beverage Catering & Delivery, Beer Sponsor

Guest Speaker

Warren Hartenstine | Entrepreneur, International Business Owner

Business-Building Tips with Warren Hartenstine!

Our event featured a special guest speaker, Warren Hartenstine! Not only is he an entreprenuer and international business owner, he’s also the dad of our very own Sara Alepin, co-founder of district Bliss!

Warren has spent most of his life climbing the entrepreneurial ladder from sweeping at a blouse factory as an adolescent to regional manager to corporate VP to the US president of an international company.

After selling his company, Warren founded a management consulting firm focusing on maximizing market development and has contributed to the global performance of companies around the world in countries such as Canada, Germany, and China!

He joined fellow creatives to give his tips on building a successful business! Read up on Warren’s insightful advice and remember survive + drive = thrive!

Who is your best customer?

  1. You
  2. Colleagues – Empowerment multiples capacity. Instead of one linear set of thinking, most happy associates give their best to the cause and multiply the organization’s value to the market.  Two examples:
    • “If you accept being 2nd best anywhere, you will become second best everywhere.”
    • Take advantage of spouse’s health insurance.
  3. Network – Safest feedback and best ‘neutral’ consultive and sales network you will ever have.
  4. Consumers – Your expanded capacity will add value to every relationship & improve your performance

A few thoughts about underlying core values

  1. Golden Thread – Look insider yourself to recognize the difference between the bad things and the good values and cling to the good in everything you do, even in the most difficult situations.
  2. Negative Feedback – Several = critical examination but the best are most affected when they get their first. Everyone does!  Listen, embrace, understand & remediate.  One way: engage with the reviewer.
  3. Survive + Drive = Thrive. But always holding on to that universal Golden Thread.
  4. Self Value & Discounts – Unknown territory with unknown bottom.
    1. Depreciates how you feel about self and your product or service.
    2. Acceptance scars your feeling and therefore the delivery for the customer.
    3. The entire market suffers de-valuation and negative pressure when even one accepts a discounted arrangement. Jon Donne:  When a clod falls into the see, Is not Europe diminished?
  5. Remember to empower yourself and every layer of customer to get the optimum strength and energy.

Chris Ferenzi Photography captured all the beautiful details and rad moments of the event! Share these stunning photos and be sure to tag Chris Ferenzi Photography or @chrisdelta on Instagram! Tag us @districtblissdc! Find out more about Chris, see his fav highlights from the event, and download the full HQ photos here!