Not sure which presentations to attend? Play “this or that’ to help you decide!

The Power of Collaboration starts TODAY, and I hope you’re as excited as I am to dive into these amazing presentations that will help you build profitable partnerships and collaborate so you can scale your business!

As the summit gets closer, I bet you’re looking at the speaker lineup and trying to decide which presentations you should attend.

After all, we only have so many free hours in a day. With your CEO task list, marketing to your audience, nurturing your potential collaborative partners, and who knows what else, no one can dedicate 20+ hours in one week to watching presentations…no matter how valuable they are.

I have a fun resource in case you’re struggling to decide which presentations to attend during the summit.

Play “This or That” and you’ll match up with a series of presentations that will be a good fit for what you need most.

Of course, you can branch out from the results you get and use the Collaboration Kit to catch up on any presentations you miss afterward, but you’ll have a starting point!

Play This or That.

There’s still time to join us at The Power of Collaboration! Click here to grab your free ticket!