We often overlook hosting summits as being “collaborative events”. But, why?

After all, we’re bringing together a group of experts with the goal of increasing our visibility and income.

So, hear me out: when you’re selecting your speaker lineup for your next summit, I challenge you to think about it from a collaborative standpoint.

Here’s what I mean. 👇

Have you ever attended a summit and really loved the presentations, so you grab the freebies and follow the speakers on social media. And, then… you forget who everyone is. And, you start unsubscribing? Same.

Our summit attendees want it to be super easy to know who to hire. If we have a speaker lineup with five marketing experts, three financial advisors, and two business coaches, it causes confusion and decision fatigue; this significantly decreases the chances that your speakers will be memorable to your audience, which decreases their return on investment.

Start by making a list of speakers who:

  • Will serve your target
  • You respect – and want to highlight
  • Can speak to your topics and provide tons of valuable content
  • And, are not competitors (with you or the other speakers)

This is how I curated the experts at The Power of Collaboration Summit.

I pitched our speakers in three rounds and chose one expert from each “column” I wanted to be covered per round. If someone wasn’t available or didn’t think it was a good fit, I moved on to the next expert in that space.

And, while I knew this will make the attendee experience top-notch and that the speakers will see a high level of return on investment from participating, something crazy happened that I didn’t expect:

The speakers are more excited and eager to participate – plus, their presentations are out of this world. They bought in fully, creating customized presentations that really drive home everything you need to know about collaboration. Because they’re participating in a collaborative summit. 🤯

How cool is that?

So, what do you think? Will you try the collaborative summit method?

If collaboration is one of your goals for 2023, grab your free ticket to The Power of Collaboration. It’s all happening July 17-19, 2023. There are live events where you can meet the speakers and find your next profitable partners right there in the virtual room.

I can’t wait to kick this thing off. It’s going to be AH-MAZING!

See you on the inside!

The Power of Collaboration Summit
The Power of Collaboration Summit is packed with amazing content from brilliant speakers. I promise you do not want to miss this event!

This isn’t a summit where you’ll learn some basic business skills and then go back to business as usual.

The Power of Collaboration is built so you can implement and take action right away.

Join us! See you July 17-19, 2023!