Meet Chris Ferenzi – a photographer with an eye for capturing emotion, beauty, and the momentChris Ferenzi

We love Chris Ferenzi Photography! Not only is Chris Ferenzi a fantastic company, but he is also an immensely talented photographer who never fails to amaze.
Lucky for us, Chris Ferenzi Photography is the Featured Vendor at TWO of our events! Details to come on the second event (wink, wink), but don’t miss him at our Vendor Social at Republic Restoratives Distillery and Craft Cocktail Bar on January 26th from 6-9pm!

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So, tell us a little bit about your biz, Chris

I provide wedding, engagement, event, headshot, and portrait photography.

I’ve been shooting part-time since 2006 but I am getting ready to make the jump to a self-employed, full-time photographer at the start of 2017.

I enjoy providing a unique perspective in all sorts of locations. In fact, I think some of my best work has resulted from shooting in less-than-spectacular spots and having to be extra creative.

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Back when I was getting started doing weddings, I was helping another photographer shoot a wedding up in PA. I lived in VA at the time, so I had to drive a few hours to get there. I headed up the night before the wedding since I had to start shooting at 9am the next day. When I arrived that evening at around 11pm, I realized that I had forgot all my camera batteries. These are specialized batteries so I couldn’t just pop in some AAs. My only option was to drive three hours back to VA, get the batteries, and then drive back – and that’s exactly what I ended up doing.
I only ended up getting around two hours of sleep that night. Lesson learned. I now use a checklist to check, double check, and triple check to make sure I have everything I need. I haven’t forgotten equipment since that fateful day in 2008.

I enjoy shooting weddings the most because they’re all unique. That variety helps keep me challenged and creative.

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I’ve been shooting part-time since 2006. I started out in college shooting for the Lehigh University newspaper, The Brown and White, and then worked as an intern for The Morning Call newspaper, in Allentown, PA, while working toward my major in Mechanical / Aerospace Engineering.
I photographed concerts, events, sports, and did a variety of portraits for both papers. After that, I began second shooting weddings; I decided to take a risk and try photographing one wedding on my own. Thankfully, it did not end in disaster!
After I graduated in 2007, I moved to Virginia for a job with a large defense contractor. Once I turned 30, I decided that the past ten years of jobs with two defense contractors and two project consultant companies were definitely not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I used to dread going to work every day, but I never dread going to a shoot. I took that as a sign and decided that 2017 is the year I’ll be making the switch from being an engineer / IT Project Consultant to a full-time photographer.

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