Meet Calypso Digital Photography!


This talented team photographed our DIY Workshop at West Elm with Rachel Lane Makeup Artistry and Awkpie in December. We had a blast checking out their incredible albums and chatting during the the workshop – and, as you know if you checked out yesterday’s blog, the photos from that day are fantastic!

You’ve seen their snaps of our event, so just wait until you see these gorgeous wedding photographs, engagement sessions, and tons more!


Founded five years ago, Calypso Digital Photography is a team with two lead photographers and a creative director. They specialize in fantastic customer service and wedding photography with all the bells and whistles.

What services does your business provide?

Stunning wedding photography, engagement shoots, reception photo stations, albums and much more.


Why did you decide to start Calypso Digital Photography? 

We started our company because we are passionate about the art of photography and weddings are the best way for us to express our artistic nature.

We saw the need for a company with more than one photographer in addition to a large range of creative services. We also feel each couple’s wedding deserves the utmost attention to their individual needs and would never want to compromise that attention to detail. We wanted to create a company that brings all of this together in one package.


How did you come up with the name Calypso Digital Photography?

The name comes from the Greek mythological; a character named Calypso detained travelers with her god-like beauty. We though it sounds catchy and associate us with the feeling of allure and mystique.


What is your favorite part about being a wedding photographer?

The best thing about being a wedding photographer is that your work is always centered around love, celebration and happiness. Even after long days, we come home excited about all the memories we have captured. Those photographs will continue to remind everyone of such special moments.

Doing what you love helps, too.


Do you have a favorite type of wedding?

We love couples that are excited about getting creative and are not afraid to get a bit adventurous – and have some fun.

Every wedding is an opportunity for us to create art and we take that very seriously while still having fun.


Calypso Digital Photography | Creative Wedding Photography and much more!

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