We asked what you needed to grow as a business owner, and you answered.

We like to take stock of what the District Bliss Community needs throughout the year so we can schedule workshops and educational opportunities surrounding what you all need in order to be successful and happy entrepreneurs.

We’re looking for speakers in the following areas:

  • CEO Mindset. This can include bringing on and managing a team, how to establish (and write down) your SOPs, as well as general mindset reframes, etc.
  • Brand refresh. At this point, our community has developed a brand. But, things – like pricing, target demographics, even society – change. And, as things change, we often need a refresh.
  • Website refresh. From design to copy, we all need updating sometimes.
  • How to build a funnel that works (without spending a ton of money on ads).
  • How to build – and utilize – your email list.
  • Goal setting and evaluation as we transition into 2023.
  • Marketing content planning. What are some best practices? How can we make this manageable and streamlined while grabbing the attention of our audience?
  • Holiday marketing for services.
  • Automation. How can we set ourselves up to save time – and take time off around the holidays.
  • All about about pages. How to write a bio, what your about page should include, design, and whatever else you think is important for us to know.
  • Productivity tips. Staying on task, managing time, and everything that goes into working fewer, more effective hours.

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