Are you ready to master your budget and reclaim financial freedom in your business?

How well is your business REALLY doing?

Getting a grip on your business’ finances can help your business grow!

The financial metrics you need to track (and what they mean) to be a successful, empowered business owner.

This workshop will cover everything you need to learn about which financial metrics you should be paying attention to.

Do you struggle with…

  • not REALLY knowing how much money you make
  • relying on your bank account to tell you how well you are doing
  • feeling like you MAKE plenty of money but never have any leftover to take home

These are common issues many entrepreneurs and small business owners face.

Christy will help you get back on track so you can gain a better understanding of your current financial situation and set realistic goals accordingly.

You’ll walk away with the knowledge of…

  • which financial metrics to track to evaluate your business health
  • why these metrics matter
  • where all your money is going and how to fix it

You’ll be able to identify sources of income and expenses – and gain insight into where all your hard work has gone.

By tracking financial metrics, you’ll gain a better understanding of your business’ performance and make more informed decisions which will enable you to…

  • feel more confident as a business owner
  • have predictable income streams
  • reduce stress and eliminate surprises

When it comes to finances in business, knowledge is power! You can take control of your business’ finances and gain a peace-of-mind.

Attending this workshop is the best way to ensure that you’ll be successful financially. Get on the path to feeling more confident with your predictable income streams! Join us and let’s get your finances sorted out!

Networking. 10 minutes
Workshop. 40 minutes
Q+A. 10 minutes

Reclaim your financial freedom!

At District Bliss, we are committed to accessibility. This workshop will have closed captioning. If you require additional accommodations, please let us know. Reach out to us at

“Christy makes her information friendly and approachable. She is here to talk WITH us not AT us which makes it an open conversation. I really appreciate how Christy is changing the way we talk about money. I feel empowered and educated after listening to her speak.”

Meet Workshop Leader!

Christy is a CPA & Fractional CFO who empowers creative entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by taking away the stress of finances & creating strategic plans to scale. After working at a big 4 accounting firm with some of the world’s largest companies, Christy realized the power and necessity of proactive financial planning to help businesses grow. Since then, she launched her own firm which focuses on just that! She offers varying levels of service which include financial forecasting, planning to hire new team members, cash management, profitability analysis as well as bookkeeping & tax plans to pay the IRS less of your money! Christy also hosts a podcast called The CEO Wingwoman where she brings on guests to discuss important topics about scaling a large business. Christy’s goal is to help you feel empowered as a business owner & get back to being the CEO instead of stressing about details.

Follow her on Instagram @itschristybowie!

Join us for Budget Mastery: Regain Financial Freedom in Your Business on Tues, 5/9, at 1pm ET / 10am PT.

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