Meet Beauty & Bloom!

Nina, Tee, and May are the trio that make up Beauty & Bloom and they are your one-stop shop for all things wedding related! Whether its hair, makeup, or flowers, these fabulous ladies have got it covered. From weddings to special events, Beauty & Bloom are prepared to make your special day gorgeous! Catch these boss ladies at our first LA Vendor Social at The Springs!

LA Vendor Social | February 9th, 2017 | 6-9:00 PM

Nina and Tee have been friends for a long time. They have both been in the wedding industry for quite some time and needed a space to meet with clients. The idea came about over dinner one day that they should both get together to start a business. It took about a year to finally find a space suitable for the both of them. Before all the paperwork, May joined the team with her makeup artistry skills. The trio is known as Beauty and Bloom.

Beauty and Bloom – beauty for all things beauty related (hair and makeup) & bloom for flowers!

How stunning is this bride?!



Beauty & Bloom, Hair, Makeup, & Floral Services

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