It seems like everyone is talking about taking summer Fridays this year.

And, I’m here for it, if it means that you’re taking more time away from the computer.

During the pandemic, we saw a lot of people – both entrepreneurs and employees – working a ton of additional hours.

And, that means that a lot of people got very burned out. 

Including me.

I’m wildly protective of my personal time, but I realized recently that my days had been getting longer and longer.

And, I’m not seeing the payoff from working more.

We can debate if that means that I’m wasting time or investing my time into things that aren’t bringing me income. But, either way, it is for sure a fast way to burn out.

My coach, Melissa of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs says, “Money is the currency of adulthood.” That may seem obvious, but it wasn’t to me. 😂

When we’re not making money, we get discouraged or burn out, or – worse – give up.

So, what does this all have to do with taking summer Fridays?

I want you all to work less and invest more time in what makes you happy.

Here are the shifts I made in order to take off on Fridays:

🔹 If I’m not working productively, I get up and leave my office. Taking a small break in another space helps me refocus and work efficiently when I come back into my work area.

🔹 I create a to-do list with like tasks and spread the tasks out over the course of the week. Scheduling time for similar tasks means that I’m not bouncing all over the place trying to get everything done. I’m focused and it’s much easier to check things off the list. And, if I don’t get something finished, I scratch it out and move it to the next day – without guilt or shame. Sometimes stuff takes longer than expected or something comes up at the last minute… And, that’s ok.

🔹 I’m not sitting in my inbox or wasting time on social media. I check my email in the morning and then two other times throughout the day. My default is getting distracted by communication, rather than going to social media, but this strategy is helpful for whatever your preferred distraction is. 😂 If I am tempted to go on social media or waste time, I do it in a different space. I’ve created a routine surrounding checking my email to prevent distraction.

Sometimes our minds need a break – that’s healthy! – but I take it out of my office. This has really helped me focus on work during work hours.

Working more efficiently during the day has given me back a ton of time and, therefore, I’m able to take more time off. And, I don’t plan on stopping taking “summer Fridays” in September, either.

I work hard and I deserve time to enjoy the life I’ve worked to create. And, so do you! 🙌

Try it and let me know how it goes!

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