For years, I was creating my content from scratch.

Every week, I’d sit down on Monday to do my marketing copy and think…

“What the *%!^ am I going to say this week that’s different from every other week?”

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I’d get inspired and write out a whole month in a sprint.

But, then I’d be back to the same old stuff the next month.

And the one after that. And the one after that.

I’d read other people’s newsletters and social media and think, “How did they come up with this?!

Periodically, I’d burn out and go dark for a few days… weeks?… months?

I’d tell myself, “I’ll never be able to consistently market to my audience.” And, “All of your followers have probably unfollowed now anyway, so why bother?”

Oh, Past Sara. You worked so hard, even when you thought you were working smart.

I got sick of this cycle and brought Kristina Kury, the brilliant mind behind Sprout Creative, onto my team.

The first thing she did? Taught me to repurpose my content.

So, you had an awesome blog post in 2017 that’s still totally relevant and it’s just sitting there where no one is probably paying any attention to it?

Why not turn that into a newsletter? 🤯

Heck, you can even link to the blog post from the newsletter and get people to pay attention to that post again 🤯 (which helps with SEO, icydk).

Maybe pull some nuggets and use those for social media. 🤯

So, I asked Kristina to lead a workshop, Repurpose Your Marketing Content. Because it’s been a game-changer.

And, I want that for you, too!

Click here to join us on Weds, 1/26, at 2pm ET / 11am PT for the Repurpose Your Marketing Content workshop!⁠

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