If you’re building an online course, you want this freebie!

If you’re here, you probably know that we’ve been hosting a TON of online workshops since early 2019

Hi, friends! Sara here!

In early 2019, I realized that people were not as into going out for events as they had been in the past.

Everyone seemed to be over the crappy weather (among other things) that hit in 2018, sick of the traffic that was seeming to get worse and worse, or they just wanted to be home with their families for dinner.

So, I decided to start that District Bliss should start hosting one online event for each in-person event.

Smart, in retrospect, because District Bliss was set up nicely for quarantine.

Now, many of you are starting to host online workshops because in-person events during a pandemic just isn’t really a thing, which is super exciting! There’s a ton of content out there right now and I know I’ve been bingeing it, too!

Creating an online course can seem overwhelming. I’ve used my background in education and my experience hosting online events to create this freebie for you!

Click here to download the 3 Steps to a Killer Online Course creation pathway and start building your course today!

Happy creating!