East Coast meets West Coast! District Bliss is taking on LA!

District Bliss’ vendor socials have now reached the sunny state of California! Sarah & Sara traveled to the west coast to host the first ever LA Vendor Social and it was a huge success! It wouldn’t be possible without all the amazing participating vendors: The Springs LA, Beauty & Bloom, Gina FeedsFermensch Kombucha  and likemorningsun photography!

Today’s blog is chock full of all things Cali including a Q&A with Sara & Sarah’s about their awesome trip to LA, a special interview with AllyJan Events, the talented planner that provided the inspiration & styling of our LA Vendor Social, AND the gorgeous LA VS pics taken by likemorningsun photography!

Meet AllyJan Events!

No, you’re not seeing double! Twin sisters, Ally & Jan of AllyJan Events joined us at The Springs LA to help make our first LA vendor social fabulous! AllyJan Events provides full service event planning and styling company based in New York City & Los Angeles! They founded the company in 2015 and have been going above and beyond to plan events that not only have great design, but high quality food and amazing details.

We were always the go-to host(s) when it comes to planning gathering within our group of friends. Everyone knows our obsession with details. We also have a deep love with cooking. In the beginning, we would design the event around our menu and creating an interactive culinary experiences for our friends. To us, it was more an aspiration to bring something different and beyond what people expect. With all the compliments and courages received from our friends and family, we decided it was time to invest in this venture seriously.

Ally (Allison) and Jan (Janice) – we are twin sisters!

We love all events! But we particularly likes events that challenge creativities.

AllyJan Events is a 2 (wo)men show for now. We know each other so well, projects move seamlessly. We really can’t complain!

AllyJan Events, Event Planning & Styling

Sarah & Sara Take LA!

 What was the best thing you ate on your trip?

SC: Avocado toast at Sqirl.

SA: A yummy salad at Sqirl. We’d intended to eat there, but we ran out of time and had to take it to-go. Sarah ate in the Lyft. I had to wait until after our first meeting and ate in Allison’s car when she picked us up lol

Did you do any sightseeing? What was the coolest thing you saw?

SC: All work and no play!

SA: We loved the venue spaces that we viewed, though, so we can definitely count that!

 Did you see any celebs?! If not, who’s you’re celebrity crush?

SC: No celebs. David Beckham.

SA: I probably wouldn’t event recognize a celebrity if we were having a conversation. I’m terrible with celebs! LOL Crush? Ummm that one guy from that thing whose name I dont know? Seriously, no idea on who celebrities are!

 How is the LA vibe different from the DC/NY scene?

SC: The venues have a totally different vibes, more out door, in touch with nature and have more of a creative feel to them.

SA: I noticed a lot of stained glass and the “classic” architectural touches that you get in DC or NY were totally different in LA. We found everyone to be really happy and fairly laid-back; I wasn’t surprised to find that there was so much love for the whole DB mindset, but I was surprised to see how much of a need there seemed to be for events that bring together our general community and vibe.

 What’s was the best part of the LA Vendor Social?

SC: Meeting a whole new set of creative people and hearing the feedback after the event that our event was the most beneficial event they had attended in the area.

SA: Seeing how much people embraced us – and District Bliss! Everyone was raving about meeting us, working with us, and all of our Participating Vendors told us over and over how they’d love to work with us again! We felt so welcomed!

 How exciting is District Bliss’ expansion to LA?

SC: Very! it opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

SA: This is sort of what I just said, but it’s just – the main part of the excitement for me — it was just how welcoming everyone was and how inspiring it was to be around such wonderful people!

What are your hopes/goals for future LA Vendor Socials?

Continuing to throw the events in general, because that can be hard in itself. Also, making sure the events we are doing are quality and don’t lose sight of why we started these events in the first place – to bring creative entrepreneurs together to build a supportive community and help this industry grow and prosper.

What’s something you want to do on your next trip to LA?

SC: Continue to grow our network, meet new people and see new spaces because that helps us stay balanced so we can do what we do best – throw these amazing socials!

SA: Couldn’t have said it better myself!

District Bliss LA Vendor Social | likemorningsun photography