We have some big news! We have some additions to our District Bliss Team!

Recently, Erin – owner of Mabely Q joined the DB team! We are thrilled to have her! If you havent met her yet, you should definitely reach out! She’s pretty rad 🙂

Hi, I’m Erin and I’m so excited to be an official part of the District Bliss team!

I stumbled across District Bliss a couple years ago on Instagram because I was looking for some DIY workshops that I wanted to participate in. But most of their workshops were in the winter & I spent my weekends on the mountains snowboarding with my husband. Timing just never worked out!

This year, the stars FINALLY aligned for me! I was able to participate in District Bliss’ first masterclass. After that, I knew I had to be a part of District Bliss. So I signed on to be Sara’s assistant for District Bliss and help out with all the District Bliss Ambassadors.

Sara wanted me to share all my AWESOMENESS with you all and talk about what I do! I’m very much a right and left brained person – a Mezzo, if you will. I love being creative but I also nerd out over all things organization. I am a huge fan of structure, having a process, making things work beautifully! So I decided to combine the best of my skills and set up Mabely Q, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire and Online Business Manager/Virtual Assistant who likes to figure it all out!! Photos from the Harty captures the newest member of the District Bliss team, Erin, who is the owner of Mabely.Q, during a Vendor Social networking event in Virginia

Let’s talk about organization! I am that person that practices what I preach. Everything in my home has its place, and the same goes for my business. I’m organized, I’m one of those people that can’t just let things HANG out just about anywhere. I don’t let things hang out in my inbox, download folder, trash or even just on my desktop, there are folders that I’ve set up so that they all have a place to go!

Let me tell you, I once saw someone’s inbox have over 3000k UNREAD emails. That made me break out into hives. If you’re one of those people, LET ME HELP YOU get organized!

2018-06-14 17.05.37-2

I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite tools that help me stay organized

GSuite is my favorite tool! Each of my clients has their own designated folder. After I’ve been able to address my client, I move the email to their folder. If I haven’t had a chance to address them, I leave it in my inbox until I’m able to do so. It’s super handy and convenient, though I will admit that I’ve considered trying to figure out how to get my google contacts sync to work with other apps that I use. Maybe I’ll give something like Piesync a try down the line to link it into other parts of my workflow, but for now i’m happy with Gsuite.

I also utilize Google Drive, I’ve been able to set up Google Drive Sync so that I can switch back and forth between my laptop and desktop no matter where I’m at. I’ve got a folder that is designated for my business and it’s broken down into multiple categories such as: About Mabely Q, Contracts, Finances, Branding, Instagram, Marketing, Onboarding Clients, Proposals, Sexy Systems (yes I have a folder called this!) and even a Sunshine Bank (for me to put all the rave reviews I get from my clients!).

Everyone’s different when it comes to their folder structure, I’ve got a few years of experience of restructuring big systems. Once I had to cull from 3 servers with over 100k of items into ONE system that was being used by a team of over 50 people. There is no one “right” way to do it, but one of my goals is to work with my clients to understand how each person works and come up with a personalized plan that works best for them.

Another fantastic tool that will help everyone is having a Client Relations Management (CRM) system

Everyone has their own preference but here are some great ones: Hive, Dubsado, Asana, 17hats (don’t forget you receive 20% off with the code DISTRICTBLISS20), teamwork, or honeybook. Several of these CRMs offer a free version, while others offer a free trial. District Bliss uses 17hats because it has everything that we need, but there are pro’s and con’s to each. It’s important to choose the CRM that works best for you and your business!

Whatever your preference, this will allow you to streamline things for you, your business, and your clients. You can automate some things so you don’t have as much to actively “do” once you have your systems in place to keep things moving along with your clients. It’s also a place that allows your clients to keep their documents when working with you (most of these have a portal for each individual client).

Now, there’s a lot of people out there that LOVE utilizing online platforms but to me, there’s nothing quite like a good, old-fashioned notebook

Planner Schedule Appointment Writing Concept

Some of you prefer planners, I personally prefer just a notebook! I actually have quite a few notebooks for different purposes. One I use to write in what my plan is for the week. I’ll write in the days of the week and which client I’m going to be working with for that day. Another notebook I use for my clients, I’ll put down notes on what we discussed, what projects they want me to work on, etc. And my last notebook was completely full, including the inside back cover. That one’s for my business, all my crazy ideas, how I want to execute them, and all the new things I’m learning.

Feel free to reach out to me to talk about all things District Bliss or if you need help getting the backend of your business in shape – or just if you want to chat!

I am so excited to be part of the DB team and cannot wait to meet all of you at our next Vendor Social!