Almost two years ago, Dylan Brody, renowned writer and comedian, decided he wanted to support other writers and help them get their work out into the world

So, he founded Active Voice Productions — and we’ve got all the details you may want to know!

In addition to production and some small publishing work, Active Voice Productions helps writers who struggle with writers’ block, procrastination and discipline issues to get out of their own way, out of their own heads and just write.

Writers’ block? Procrastination? Discipline issues?

Our clients utilize our signature Just Write Weekly Workshops, Just Breathe downloadable exercises and individualized personal coaching programs so that they can attain a joyful creative flow to meet deadlines and deliver market-ready manuscripts.

How did you come up with the name Active Voice Productions?

Long before I started coaching professionally, I coached writers informally for no compensation. One of the issues I most frequently corrected was a tendency to lapse into the passive voice. I realized over time that the active voice not only makes the writing better for the reader, it makes the process easier and more enjoyable for the writer. Active sentences drive us from one thought to the next and organically remind us of the cause/effect relationship between what we do and what occurs.

Also, part of our core mission is the activation of voices that have been silent.

Fun facts about Active Voice Productions

While ACTIVE VOICE PRODUCTIONS served as the producing entity on my first film, produces a podcast (Dylan Brody’s Neighbor’s Couch) starring Darren Staley and handles much of the production and publishing on projects currently in the works, we hadn’t come together as a company yet when I executive produced spoken-word specials and all the albums and downloads that are currently available from Stand Up! Records, Rooftop Comedy, Next Up and Revry. Those all came out before the formation of the Active Voice Productions LLC which makes me wonder just what liabilities might not be limited.

Why did you decide to start this iteration of your company?

A few years ago it dawned on me that I had grown up believing in a mythology that said artists should just keep their heads down, do their work and if they were any good someone would notice. In the fairy-tale fantasy this somehow then led to someone handling the sale of the work, the production of the work, the financial planning and all the tasks of adulthood that felt onerous and burdensome to me. It occurred to me that many great artists whose work I love die in obscurity, that nobody is out looking for other people to discover and promote. I had to stop waiting and hoping for my work to support me and start doing everything I could to support my own work. I needed to treat my beloved writing and performance work as a product to be sold by a company in a Capitalist society. Once I started putting the mechanisms in place to do this, I realized those same mechanisms can serve to support and advance the work of those I love and admire. The company serves as a way of profiting from all the things I have been giving away for years hoping that someone else would pick up the ball and make it profitable for me.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

Now and then a client sends an email or a text telling me about a breakthrough, about a late night cranking out pages or an extraordinary moment of comfortable flow on stage. I know those experiences. I have had them. Hearing the joy and excitement in someone else as they make those discoveries can keep me smiling for days.

Do you have a favorite story that you’d like to share?

The day after I made the decision to produce and direct YOU ARE HERE – a dylan brody project through ACTIVE VOICE PRODUCTIONS I ran into Paul Provenza and invited him to read it and consider doing the male lead. Early in my career, I had recurring dreams in which I got to hang out with Paul; he represented the ‘big kids table’ in the comedy world when I was young. On the film, I got to hang out with Paul and we became genuine friends. Literally making a dream come true was pretty damn wonderful.

Also, when one of my clients wrote a pilot in a couple of weeks during one of my courses and told me he’d been trying to get the thing written for years, I did quite the internal happy dance.

Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about you?

Apart from the work we do at ACTIVE VOICE PRODUCTIONS I have been thrilled (and relieved) to find that I am wholly capable of both running a profitable company AND continuing my own creative endeavors.

To find my books, CDs and digitally downloadable works, you can go directly to the Emporium of Fine Words and Phrases at my own website

Is there anything else you’d like us to share with our readers?

We live at an inflection point in human history. We all feel it. We’re waiting to see whether the human capacity for adaptation and evolution can outpace our capacity for self-destruction. If we all bring our most creative, inventive, innovative impulses to bear, we may turn an apocalyptic tide.

Despair, like depression itself, immobilizes us and tempts us to passively await our fate. At times like this, optimism itself becomes a revolutionary attitude.

We must dare to think grand thoughts and undertake grand endeavors, abandoning all fear, all shame of perceived grandiosity.

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