Have you ever been to a virtual event and half checked out?

If you aren’t really engaged, you likely aren’t receptive to what the host is offering – or selling. Your overall satisfaction is pretty low. You learn less. And, the host has failed to build a know-like-trust with you.

But, how do you capture the audience’s attention, make sure they stay and participate, and then ultimately pull them into your community?

Check out my three simple steps to get your attendees actively engaged during your virtual event leading to a deeper connection with your company that can give you a better opportunity in making them a client!

🔹 Encourage everyone to turn their cameras on. We’re naturally more engaged when our cameras are on. And, bonus – it helps foster connection among your attendees!

🔹 Prompt your guests to share in the chat or into the space. Even if it’s something as simple as where they’re tuning in from, guests are more engaged when they’re participating.

🔹 Address attendees by name. We respond positively to our names. We pay closer attention. We sit up, and lean forward. It’s in our DNA. Saying something like, “It’s so nice to see you, ____!” sets the tone for an engaged, excited audience.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

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