Did you know that most people think online accessibility is all about their website?

My friend, accessibility educator, and operations manager, Erin Perkins has taught me that this is just not the case.

She’s shown me that there are so many other touchpoints that I have with my audience, and that I could be losing customers because they can’t access my content.

She’s created Accessibility Made Easy for small business owners like you and me, that will guide us through making our business accessible and inclusive, which helps our customers, and in turn, it’ll help you bring in the big bucks!

This course is designed so you can implement one thing at a time, with bite sized lessons in every module, so you can go at your own pace and won’t feel overwhelmed.

This program will walk you through the step-by-step process to make your entire business accessible across seven key areas without being overwhelmed.

She takes you through all the touchpoints of your business including social media, creating online courses, transcriptions, video, email marketing, and she even has a bonus section where she teaches you the basic business signs!

PS: Not an affiliate; I just really believe in this sh*t 💪