About District Bliss

Building a business isn’t easy on your own. But getting the prospects you need in order to be a successful entrepreneur can be stressful and time-consuming. Networking can feel overwhelming — Let’s change that!

District Bliss is a community of ambitious creatives and business owners who want to expand our networks quickly, build our businesses with ease, and just find our people! We host light-hearted networking socials with the best ROI in town and workshops — online and in-person — with invaluable resources to get you on the road to success.

Fun, easy, and financially rewarding!

So, if you’re looking for networking that monetizes, business resources to get you those top paying clients, and a supportive community to help you achieve your goals, you’ve come to the right place! 


A Welcoming Spin on Networking for Ambitious Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Small Business Owners!

Why does networking have to feel overwhelming?

District Bliss is over that! We join forces with talented entrepreneurs to form the raddest networking socials with the best ROI around. Meet top prospects and expand your referral network in a stress-free environment.

At last, a comfortable way to skyrocket your business!

Build a stronger network



Experts Help You Skyrocket Your Business with Ease

Our workshops offer the support you need to build your business, monetize your networking, and so much more!

Get your business growing with our in-person, virtual workshops and our ever-growing District Bliss Brainery that is packed with resources!

Get the support you need


Our goal: We provide a stress-free, collaborative environment so you can build your empire!

We host events that can accommodate an intimate group of people who can to grab a cocktail, casually mingle with and meet other like-minded people while having a good time. We love to introduce our guests to small businesses and creatives – and have tons of fun!

Where + When

Keep an eye on our calendar of events. We host tons of Networking Socials, Events, and Workshops — online and in-person, too!

Because we want our events to be intimate, tickets to all of our events are limited.

Looking for the District Bliss Brainery, which is packed with virtual workshops that will help skyrocket your business with ease? Click here.

What you’ll gain

Besides being more awesome, what will you gain by joining the District Bliss community? After each event, we connect our guests so you can continue to nurture your new network!

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