More than 99.9% of consumers read reviews and testimonials to decide whether or not to make a purchase, according to PowerReviews.

We all know the value of collecting testimonials. But, did you realize that a testimonial can take many forms?

From quotes on social media to customer videos shared on your website.

Here are some types of testimonials that you should start gathering today👇

🔹Client quotes. This is the most common type of testimonial. Keep it to 1-2 sentences. Pro tip: offer a link-back to boost your client’s domain authority (hooray for SEO!).

🔹Images. Adding an image builds more credibility and humanizes the testimonial. It can be a headshot of your client or someone using the product/service.

🔹Case studies and success stories. These are really great when you’re leading a webinar or during a bootcamp with the goal of selling your product or service. These in-depth studies walk potential clients through a journey – from challenge to solution and ultimately results. For these, you want to focus on the transformation.

🔹Videos. We say this a lot, but video is king. It stops people in their tracks. But, did you know that 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to purchase after watching a video? That means if you’re not making videos, you’re missing out.

🔹Customer interviews. These are great to conduct on social media (and save the video afterward for use on your website). Pro tip: you can use the transcript for a blog post and pull client quotes, too!

🔹Organic user-generated content. This is clients sharing their experiences with you or recommending your business to their audience. Sasha has done this for District Bliss on her podcast and social media several times. It’s highly effective because your client is sharing an open, honest recommendation.

🔹Reviews. You can pull reviews from sites like Google, Facebook, or Yelp and use them as testimonials. Pro tip: sending the link to your preferred platform will likely result in a review. Do the work for them, don’t ask your clients to search your business out in order to provide a review.

One of the many resources we provide to our DB Members is a testimonial capture sheet. It keeps everything in one place, makes it super easy to pull testimonials when you’re ready to use them, and holds all the vital information to properly credit your clients. If you’re not a Member yet, click here to apply!

Start gathering your testimonials and using them to convert clients today!

(PS: We offer link-backs for testimonials. If you have something good to say about District Bliss, let us know!)

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