There’s nothing like networking⁠ to get you on the road to success…. and provoke anxiety.

I like to say that when I invite people to a networking event, people often have the same reaction as if I said, “Hey! Do you want to go sit in traffic with me?”

Traffic sucks. So, let’s make sure that networking doesn’t feel like “work” ⁠…. or traffic.⁠

As a photographer, I used to go to tons of networking events in hopes of meeting other business owners in my industry, entrepreneurs who might become friends, and, yes, photographers, too.⁠

⁠But a lot of photographers weren’t really interested in meeting me. ⁠

They saw me as the competition.⁠

⁠⁠We’ve all been there, right?⁠

We’re trying to grow our networks, but we’re not always sure the best way to do it.⁠

So, I decided to break the system and District Bliss started hosting welcoming, collaborative networking socials. ⁠⁠

They were immediately popular.⁠

Clearly, I wasn’t the only person craving this type of environment where everyone can feel welcome, safe, and really enjoy meeting new people!⁠

⁠Today, I thought I’d share a few of my tips for networking that I’ve seen work time and time again:⁠

⚡Go into the event with an open mind. You never know who might be your next referral partner, affiliate, client, or friend.⁠

⚡Don’t forget that even people who you consider to be your competition may need to refer to — or hire — you at some point.⁠ Don’t write someone off just because they do something similar to what you do.⁠

⚡Don’t avoid networking altogether. There’s nothing else like it! You really do have to get out there and meet people, even if you hate the traditional networking events; just find the right events for you!⁠

⚡Ask questions, engage, and really listen to the people you meet. One of the reasons that I’ve been so successful with building this community is that I care about each and every person I meet. I want to know about you and your business; I want to know what you’re up to personally as much as professionally. You matter to me and I want to see you be happy and succeed!⁠

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