2023 is rolling right along. I can’t believe it’s mid-February! 🤯

I don’t know about you, but I try to do SO MUCH at the beginning of the year and then it’s like… womp womp 🎺 come the end of February.

Burnout hits me. I’m ready to take a page out of the bear’s book and hibernate until Spring.

Do you feel the same way?

Well, I’ve got you covered with these easy tips to avoid burning out. 💪

⚡Put systems into place that can be automated. If an email, invoice reminder, or even your newsletter doesn’t require your direct attention, automate it.

⚡Find a way of communicating that is specific to business. For us, Slack is the answer (pssst you can join our Slack channel here). Others use Voxer, google chat — find what works for you.

⚡ Silence your notifications when you’re not working. Your time off is precious — and your mind/body/spirit needs to recharge.

⚡Keep business-related items off text. I’m a firm believer that texting should be for social interaction. Regardless of how you feel about texting for business purposes, there are two big issues that can arise:
– You cannot mark things as unread and you may forget about them later.
– It’s difficult to silence notifications about business while still allowing notifications when your bestie sends you a funny meme.

What are some of your communication hacks for avoiding burnout? Let us know over at @districtblissevents.

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