Handling objections as a business owner. Does that sounds scary, overwhelming, frustrating, and maybe impossible to anyone else out there?⁠

As an entrepreneur, you will inevitably run into objections along the way.⁠

Sometimes, they will appear in the form of questions, poor reviews — or even lack of sales — and, sometimes they will be unexpected.⁠

We use these simple steps to remove the objections — and sometimes even convert sales!⁠

⚡ Neutralize the discussion. Start by saying something along the lines of, “thank you for bringing this to my attention.” Once you’ve brought the emotional reaction back to zero, it’s much easier to move forward with eliminating the objection.⁠
⚡ Be direct, unattached, and concise. Use language that is not emotionally charged when acknowledging the objection.⁠
⚡ Take the high road. Regardless of whether or not their objection is legitimate in your eyes, you cannot remove an objection by telling someone that they are incorrect in feeling the way that they do.⁠
⚡ Refer them to the proper person to remedy the objection. If the objection is a public review, requesting that the person reaches out to your email address — or the email address of your customer service equivalent — goes a long way. It shows everyone reading the review or overhearing the objection in some capacity that you care and that you’re taking it seriously. It also indicates to the person raising the objection that you’ve heard them and that you’re committed to fixing the problem.⁠
Shout out to Creative Successful Entrepreneurs and Sprout Creative for imparting some of this knowledge to me and always encouraging me to handle objections head-on, rather than hiding from them. 🙌

We can’t always avoid objections, but handling them in a professional, courteous manner goes a long way — and can even convert a sale if handled properly!⁠

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