Do you ever find yourself picking up other people’s bad moods and letting them derail – or even ruin – your day?

Honestly, me too.

I move on to the next thing and I find that I’m a bit snappier, maybe I’m short, or sometimes I’m even flat-out irritable.

And I think to myself, Oh, that bad mood rubbed right off on me.

I’ve found a few things that really help me reset my mood when that happens and I’m sharing my secrets with you👇

✅ Acknowledge the situation. Whether or not the other person’s bad mood was directed at something you did (or didn’t do) doesn’t matter here. Once we’ve acknowledged that the bad mood came from an interaction with someone else, it’s much easier to release it and move on.

✅ Reset. Get up and leave the space you’re in (whether that be at your desk, in the kitchen, or even at an event). When we cross through doorways, our brain does a bit of a reset (that’s why sometimes you forget what you were doing when you go into a different room).

Psychologists believe that walking through a door and entering another room creates a “mental blockage” in the brain, meaning that walking through open doors resets memory to make room for a new episode to emerge. This is generally referred to as the doorway effect. – Science ABC

I’ve hacked this brain trick into resetting my mood. 🤯

✅ Move your body. Moving our bodies helps us to release stress – and make better decisions throughout the rest of the day. Some people like to take a walk, some like to do some jumping jacks. Do what works for you and your body.

Bonus: If you still can’t shake it, take a shower. I shower at the end of the day so I can easily transition into my work-free evening.

If you’re wondering if this works, I just did it five minutes before writing this and my bad mood has totally lifted! 🎉

What are some hacks you use to shake off negative energy you’ve picked up from others? I’d love to hear them!

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