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A supportive community so building your business is a breeze!
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We get it. Building a business isn’t easy on your own.

You need your people!

Getting the prospects you need in order to be a successful entrepreneur can be stressful and time-consuming. Networking can feel overwhelming — let’s change that!

District Bliss is a community of creatives and business owners who want to expand their networks quickly, build their businesses with ease, and just find their people! We host socials that take the “work” out of networking and workshops taught by leading experts to get you on the road to success without the stress!

Fun, easy, supportive, and rewarding!

So, if you’re looking for networking that is fun and monetizes, business resources to get you those ideal clients, and a supportive community to help you achieve your goals, you’ve come to the right place!


A Welcoming Spin on Networking for Ambitious Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Small Business Owners!

Why does networking have to feel overwhelming? District Bliss is over that! We join forces with talented entrepreneurs to form the raddest networking socials with the best ROI around. Meet top prospects and expand your referral network in a stress-free environment. At last, a comfortable way to skyrocket your business!

Build a stronger network


Talented Experts will Help You Skyrocket Your Business with Ease

Our workshops offer the support you need to build your business, monetize your networking, and so much more! Get your business growing with our in-person, virtual workshops and our ever-growing Online Academy that is packed with resources!

Build your business quickly — and get the support you need


A Community Of Business Owners Who Are Ready to Uplevel, Succeed, And Support Others

Are you a business owner who is feeling isolated, uninspired, and really want to grow but aren’t sure how? If you’re going to join one networking organization, District Bliss is it! We offer online workshops and support, light-hearted networking socials, support collaborations, help you feel more motivated, and cultivate friendships!

Get inspired and get going!

After ONE networking event, I booked three new clients and have continued to book new clients at each subsequent event! Because District Bliss makes the events so warm, engaging and welcoming, that awkward networking ice is broken right away and business owners can immediately connect with perfect-match, top paying, high integrity, fun customers. You won't find this at other events. With the top-tier sponsoring opportunity, we are truly thrilled and have found a comfortable, monetizing networking hub — couldn't be happier!

— Melissa McFarlane

Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

“District Bliss is fantastic! The events are impeccable and SO much fun. They bring together local talent to help you build your business in a comfortable space.”

— Samantha Testa

Painted Palettes

“What an amazing find District Bliss has been! As a District Bliss sponsor, Sara immediately helped me connect with all the great District Bliss members by hosting my free workshop and promoting it extensively.”

— Parker Bennett

Aligned Online

The stress-free way to skyrocket your business!

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CEO office hours with Sara Alepin, District Bliss

Ask Sara Anything: Monthly Office Hours (Members)

March 9 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

Have a question about business? Wondering how Sara does something? Looking for some advice? Want to pick Sara's brain? This session is for you!

The Coach’s Couch with Dewpoint Communications

March 9 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

If you're a solopreneur looking for a little extra business coaching support, come join our next FREE Q&A Coaching Call!

Virtual Networking Social | Networking without the “Work”

March 10 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm EST

Virtual networking with an in-person vibe that's tons of fun! Let's take the "work" out of networking + find your people at this eventNetworking online with an in-person vibe, quality connections, and tons of funYou need to be networking, but sometimes networking online doesn't feel authentic.We've cracked the code, so join us for a fun event that makes building your network a breeze!Sometimes we need to feel like we're out in public during this work-from-home life. Get together with like-minded,…

Codeside Assistance

March 12 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

A weekly tech support call for entrepreneurs to get you going online!

Growing an Engaged Podcast Community on Social Media

March 16 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Are you finding it difficult to take your podcast to the next level? Have you reached a plateau in growth and engagement? Let's change that!

Codeside Assistance

March 19 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

A weekly tech support call for entrepreneurs to get you going online!

Women Create 2021 Teachable Summit

Women Create 2021: A Teachable Summit

March 23 - March 25

During Women Create 2021, get actionable takeaways from 30+ expert speakers. This FREE event coming up that’s geared towards helping you launch, grow, and scale your online business in 2021.

virtual co-working with District Bliss for Entrepreneurs

Virtual Co-Working (Members)

March 24 @ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

District Bliss brings entrepreneurs together for a virtual co-working session so you can stop feeling isolated and get accountability

Codeside Assistance

March 26 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

A weekly tech support call for entrepreneurs to get you going online!

In Your Element: Secrets to Creating a Life of Flow

March 30 @ 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm EDT

You feel confident. Energized! You’re in the flow and while it may feel a little edgy you are handling it all with grace and ease and having so much fun while you’re at it!

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Are you finding it difficult to take your podcast to the next level? ⁠

Have you reached a plateau in growth and engagement?⁠

Let's change that! 🙌⁠

Get going in the direction you need to engage with your ideal listeners on social media and convert them to subscribers — and raving fans!⁠

In this workshop, you will...⁠
✔️ Identify Ideal Listeners⁠
✔️ Find Them on Instagram⁠
✔️ Increase Engagement⁠
✔️ Explore the benefits of Social Media Marketing for Podcasters⁠

"My husband listened to your presentation and said it sounds like you have a PhD in Social Media. Super helpful, actionable advice that can be easily implemented immediately!" - Ashleigh P., @paperbycharmcat⁠

Join us on 3/16 for Growing an Engaged Podcast Community on Social Media with @creativegravityllc⁠

Meet our expert, Devin! ⚡⁠

Devin Brinkley, MBA, is the founder and CEO of Creative Gravity Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in growing small businesses through creative strategies. ½ Corporate, ½ Entrepreneur, Devin is well versed in various industries including healthcare, dining, retail, and podcasts. ⁠

Having started a food truck from the ground up, solely marketing on social media, Devin knows how incredibly challenging it is to grow a small business. She uses her background in Business Administration and Communications, and years of experience as a social media manager, to build clear and effective marketing and business strategies for other small business owners.⁠

Devin is passionate about creating innovative content that is impactful and engaging and is driven by the desire to help other entrepreneurs reach their full potential.⁠

"Since hiring Creative Gravity LLC., I’ve not only seen my Instagram grow in follower numbers but more importantly, grow in engagement. Creative Gravity has been able to help build my podcast community into more than just numbers and into dedicated listeners and customers." - Sasha W., @swirlandsippodcast⁠

RSVP for Growing an Engaged Podcast Community on Social Media!⁠

PS: District Bliss Members receive FREE access to all of our workshops and events! 🎉 Want to learn more? Hit the link in bio to get all the details!

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Happy Fri-YAY! 🥂⁠

We hope you're all taking some time off to recharge so you get hit it hard next week! 💪

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Are you using videos on social media? If not, you're missing out. ⁠

Video makes people stop in their tracks when they're scrolling through your feed.⁠

They want to see and know YOU and what makes you awesome!⁠

On today's blog, we have the final post from the 3-part series co-authored by Tara Garwood, @bannerdayfilms, and Kristina Kury, @sproutcreativela.⁠

From file size to length on each platform to what inspires engagement, and everything in between. ⁠

Swing by our blog for the details!

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Are you ready to find out exactly what resilience is, and explore holistic practices that have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and create resilience so that we can stay calm, collected and composed no matter what life throws at us?⁠

We're hosting Building Resilience: Practices for Reducing Stress and Anxiety with @nmyogawellness on 3/2 at 3pm ET / 12pm PT 💮⁠

Exposure to prolonged stress and anxiety has harmful effects on our physical and mental health. Manage and build resilience to stress⁠

So it's important to know how to manage and build resilience to stress.⁠

Wellness coach & Ayurvedic health advisor, Nicole Matthiesen will be leading a discussion on how stress affects the nervous system and what we mean by "resilience."⁠

Walk away with...⁠
👉 an understanding of holistic techniques that help reverse the effects of stress and create resiliency⁠
👉 an exploration of perspectives to help us create a stress-resilient mindset⁠
👉 resilience-building techniques, which we will practice together so you feel comfortable doing them on your own⁠

“Nicole’s knowledge of Ayurveda in addition to her calm and reassuring coaching helped me transition through challenges that I wasn’t able to navigate myself. She helped me find a way to apply the lessons practically to my life so that I could move forward in creating a healthier physical and mental space for myself. I highly recommend her offerings if you are looking for a way to move closer to what you are trying to create for yourself in body-mind health.” - M.W.⁠

3:00 pm ET — Group Introductions⁠
3:20 pm ET — Workshop⁠
4:00 pm ET — Group Q+A Session⁠

RSVP link in bio!

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I started telling myself this in 2019. It took me working from home and striking out into the entrepreneurial world from 2012-2019 to let myself off the hook when I didn't do what I thought I was "supposed" to be doing.⁠

And, that's ok, too.⁠

It's ok that it took me a long time to accept that I don't like to shower until the evening. It's the end of my day. ⁠

Plus, if I shower in the morning, I won't work out. ⁠

Know yourself. Give yourself grace. You've got this! 💪

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Who else wants to feel like this at networking events? 🙋⁠

Honestly, if I don't feel like this at an event, I probably won't come back.⁠

Because you know what? ⁠

I KNOW that networking can be a blast (even if you think you hate networking).⁠

I've seen it, I've felt it, I've lived it.⁠

Drop 🎉 in the comments and I'll send you a code for a FREE ticket to TODAY's Networking Social!⁠

So, what are you waiting for? 🎉

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Can you believe that it’s already here?!⁠

This speaker line-up is amazing. I cannot wait to watch the presentations, meet some new people, speak (🎉) AND lead a Networking Social (🎉🎉🎉) during the Profitable Membership Summit!⁠

You can grab your FREE ticket via the link in bio (and snag the VIP pass, too, if you want).⁠

Want the details? 👇⁠

As a coach, consultant, or seasoned professional, taking the leap from 1:1 work or small groups to a more scalable program can feel risky, especially when you want a program that operates year-round.⁠

Thoughts like ...⁠

🙋 What if I offer too much and it’s not sustainable?⁠
🙋 How many people does it require to be successful?⁠
🙋 How do I keep my community engaged? ⁠
🙋 What if people don’t want to stay in the group very long? ⁠

… can cause you to put off growing your cozy membership or even start it in the first place.⁠

The Profitable Membership Summit will help you⁠
✅ Design a program to bring reliable MRR into your business⁠
✅ Create a plan to scale your biz without burning out!⁠
✅ Get inspiration to launch your minimum viable membership model⁠
✅ Stay confident & focused on your core value & ditch what’s not important⁠
✅ Gain new ideas to breathe life into your existing program⁠
✅ Find systems to help you take the foot off the gas & enjoy what you’ve created⁠

Did I mention it's FREE?! ⁠

Grab your ticket with the link in bio and I'll see you there!

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You know what? I'm feeling really lucky to have you all hanging out with me on social media.⁠

So, as a thank-you, I'd like to send you a FREE ticket to our upcoming Virtual Networking Social on 2/25! 🎉⁠

Want to know how to snag it?👇⁠

Drop a comment below and I'll send you a DM with a link to RSVP for free!⁠

Who wants in?!

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Are you ready to Play BIG?!⁠

We're joining @csecoaching this weekend for their annual Play BIG! event (on Zoom bc where else?)⁠

Turn Your Creative Passion, Solo-Practice, Side-Hustle, or Freelance Gig into a Profitable Business in 2021⁠

Growth, Success, Impact⁠

@csecoaching will show you step by step EXACTLY what you need to do to turn your creative passion into high profits at Play BIG!⁠

Does this sound like you? 👉 I want to transform my creative business, so I can end the “starving artist” struggle and experience success on my terms!⁠

If so, click the link in bio!⁠

Even though this event is virtual, @csecoaching is limiting attendance to just 100 committed creative business owners, so that they can provide you with the personal attention and individual support that you deserve.⁠

Play BIG! February 26 – 28, 2021⁠

PS: I've got a discount for you! Hit the link in bio to get your ticket! 🎉⁠

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Have you joined us for Virtual Co-Working yet?⁠

No? Stop feeling isolated and get accountable! Join us for a virtual co-working!⁠

Sometimes we need to feel like we’re working in an office during this work-from-home life⁠

Login to just go about your daily work routine with your people without leaving the couch!⁠

Want more details about how virtual co-working works?⁠

We structure our virtual co-working sessions so that you can get the most out of them with our patented (just kidding, it’s totally not patented)⁠

*Bonus tip* choose something you need to do that you hate doing because it helps you get that task accomplished with less avoidance, more accountability, and it’s just more fun to do when you have the community support behind you!⁠

Join the District Bliss Community now to take advantage of Virtual Co-Working on 2/23! Link in bio!⁠

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Are you using video in your social media marketing? ⁠

As Kristina Kury, founder and CEO of @sproutcreativela, says, "Video is king."⁠

It continues to rank highest in engagement.⁠

But, how do you know if you're doing it *right*?⁠

@sproutcreativela and @bannerdayfilms collaborated on a series of blog posts to help you maximize your reach and effectively use video in your social media marketing 🧨⁠

Swing by the District Bliss blog to get the scoop!

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