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A community of like-minded business owners to help you scale with ease!
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We get it. Building a business isn’t easy on your own.

You need your people!

Getting the prospects you need in order to be a successful entrepreneur can be stressful and time-consuming. Networking can feel overwhelming — let’s change that!

District Bliss is a community of introverted and extroverted business owners who are sick of the stodgy and want to break free in order to build our businesses with ease.

Together, we move from feeling isolated into highly-supported, referral-generating businesses.

We collaborate and build deep, authentic connections with like-minded humans and move beyond struggling to find a place where we belong and find the resources, support, and people we need!

Fun, easy, supportive, and rewarding!

So, if you’re looking for networking that is fun and monetizes, business resources to get you those ideal clients, and a supportive community to help you achieve your goals, you’ve come to the right place!

The stress-free way to skyrocket your business!


A Community Of Business Owners Who Are Ready to Uplevel, Succeed, And Support Others

If you’re going to join one networking organization, District Bliss is it!

We offer online workshops and support, light-hearted networking socials, support collaborations, help you feel more motivated, and cultivate friendships!

Get inspired and get growing!

After ONE networking event, I booked three new clients and have continued to book new clients at each subsequent event! Because District Bliss makes the events so warm, engaging and welcoming, that awkward networking ice is broken right away and business owners can immediately connect with perfect-match, top paying, high integrity, fun customers. You won't find this at other events. With the top-tier sponsoring opportunity, we are truly thrilled and have found a comfortable, monetizing networking hub — couldn't be happier!

— Melissa McFarlane

Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

“District Bliss is fantastic! The events are impeccable and SO much fun. They bring together local talent to help you build your business in a comfortable space.”

— Samantha Testa

Painted Palettes

“What an amazing find District Bliss has been! As a District Bliss sponsor, Sara immediately helped me connect with all the great District Bliss members by hosting my free workshop and promoting it extensively.”

— Parker Bennett

Aligned Online

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