The Cookie Jar DC is making ready-to-eat gourmet cookie dough!

Meet The Cookie Jar DC!

At some point or another, we’re all guilty of blatantly ignoring the risk of salmonella and sneaking a bite or two…or 10 of raw cookie dough. Well, you can wave goodbye to baking because The Cookie Jar DC makes ready-to-eat, preservative-free gourmet edible cookie dough with heat treated flour and no eggs—making it a safe and delicious alternative to raw dough. Founder, Lindsay Larner combined her love of growing her own ideas & her love of cookie dough to start her business a year ago! Their cookie jars are not only for personal enjoyment but you can customize your cookie dough jars for a unique and personalized party favor!
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We make gourmet edible cookie dough – just like what you’d sneak out of the mixing bowl, but safe to eat! We can customize jars, which are perfect for party favors. We also cater cookie dough shots, bites and cookie dough bars, which make delicious and unique dessert tables.

I founded The Cookie Jar DC in February 2016, and it was the intersection of two storylines. Story 1: I had been working in marketing for 6.5 years, but always had a feeling I’d be more fulfilled and driven if I was working to market and grow my own idea. Story 2: I love cookie dough, and I was always confused as to why you couldn’t buy it safe-to-eat. I remember sneaking balls of frozen cookie dough out of the sorority house freezer in the middle of the night, and of course sneaking cookie dough out of the mixing bowl when making cookies with my mom growing up (and still today!). In an “accidental” effort to find meaning outside of work and to make cookie dough I could safely eat, the concept of The Cookie Jar DC was born.

I had been putting the cookie dough I was making in mason jars and the name just came to me…I was making cookie jars, in a sense. A cookie jar is usually a thing, but why not have it be a company name, too!

It’s hard to pick just one because I love it all. So I’ll share two: I love that I’m building something of my own. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, and every single thing I do feels worthwhile and meaningful. There are some days I just think to myself, “wow, I make cookie dough for a living.” I also love that there is a whole world of people out there who love raw cookie dough as much as I do, and now they get to eat it safely right out of the jar.

I’m currently working to build up the catering side of the business. We have a great menu of cookie dough shots (cookie dough in little plastic shot glasses), cookie dough bites (little bite size cookie dough balls dipped in sprinkles), and a make-your-own cookie dough bar. We also can print anything (from a logo to a photograph and anything in between) on our jars, which make such cute event favors. I’d love for cookie dough to be part of every event – birthday parties, weddings, office functions, and so much more.


The Cookie Jar DC, Edible Gourmet Cookie Dough

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