Meet the District Bliss Team!

Sara Alepin, founder and CEO of District Bliss, is also a professional photographer

Sara Alepin | Founder, CEO

Sara is a master connector. 

She’s so good at it, she turned it into a business when founding the District Bliss community. 

As an extrovert living in a work-from-home world, she’s found ways to leverage connections and continue to expand her multiple businesses, even during the pandemic.

A little info about me…

  • I grew up in the country; I love living in the city
  • My favorite moments are the ones when I find myself smiling in silence
  • My brother gave me a popcorn maker for my birthday and it might be the best thing I’ve ever received
  • I photographed stills for a horror movie; afterward, I tried to watch it, but was too scared
  • I read multiple books at one time
  • Snow will never lose its luster
  • I love to listen to music while I edit photographs, especially rocking out to the ’80s
  • My favorite color is red
  • My best friend and I met when we were six years old
  • I have a ridiculous puppy named Clouseau. He absolutely lives up to the name; he’s constantly inspecting everything and he is as coordinated as Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther
  • I burn everything I put in the toaster; at this point, it’s almost a talent
  • I am VERY easily excited  |  @sarawithoutanh  |  @districtblissevents

Our Bliss Ambassadors represent District Bliss across the country!

Cultivating a supportive community of creatives, small business owners, entrepreneurs is the name of our game! The District Bliss team hosts light-hearted networking Networking Socials, business-building workshops and DIY events!

We are looking to expand to other areas across the US. If you are interested in joining the team, you can apply here. If you’d like to participate as an event sponsor or workshop leader, swing on over to here.


Sarah Dorsey is a makeup artist based in LA and the newest District Bliss Ambassador!

Sarah Dorsey | LA // HI Ambassador

    • Every year I ask for a jar of APPLE BUTTER on my birthday and every year someone has the nerve to buy me a Valentine’s Day chachki!
    • A surprise party for me would be NO heart-shaped birthday cards, doves or naked winged cupids
    • I’ve never seen an Abraham Lincoln present!
    • I paint on everything but usually on SKIN. “It feels so alive!”
    • I’m a makeup artist that wears very minimal makeup
    • I rock climb not necessarily because I like it but because I just love feeling tall!
    • I’m extremely afraid of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
    • I almost married a mechanic then he blew his seal then we broke down. Now I’m seeking a Ghostbuster!!!!!
    • I have several nicknames none of which I gave myself and all are pretty spot on!
    • If I ask for a coffee, hand me a scotch; if I say I need a drink, find me some water!
    • If I ever reply “I’m doing alright,” I could use a good laugh!
    • I plan on moving to a new country every 7 years for the rest of my life!
    • Did you know humans have three types of tears and they all look different under a microscope? I’m all misty-eyed just thinking about it!
    • I’m building a new business, The Makeup Makers Lab, and loving it!
    • I worked at Arby’s from age 14-16 years old – I haven’t clocked in since nor have I eaten ANY roast beef!
    • I HAVE to dance. It’s not an option for me
    • My favorite waves are Theta & Delta Waves! Complete brain-busters!
    • Long-distances sports can’t hold a candle to motorsports! I like cruising fast!
    • I have 7 pairs of vintage eyeglasses, 1 pair of wine glasses, and not one pair of matching socks!  |

Sprout Creative | Project Rainbow Sprout | LA

Kristina Kury | LA Ambassador

  • I grew up Texas, Wisconsin, and California
  • I won the Show Case Showdown on Price Is Right (when Bob Barker was still on)…like $42K worth of stuff. Yes, I did have to pay taxes on it and that sucked.
  • When I am outdoors camping, hiking and exploring I feel the most relaxed
  • The thing that fills my heart with the most joy is helping others; this has led me to not only launch my own service based business but launch a nonprofit called Operation Rainbow Sprout
  • I lived in Paris for 4 amazing, wonderful months
  • Being an extrovert means spending time with friends fills me up and infuses me with energy
  • I attend Burning Man and any smaller Burning Man regional events I can. The creativity and passion within that community gives me hope for the future
  • Cooking calms my energy and lets me decompress
  • My laugh is really loud…you’ve been warned |  @sproutcreativela
Dawn Dacquisto, founder of Confidence without Cosmetics, is the Carlsbad, North County, and San Diego Ambassador for District Bliss

Dawn | SD // SDNC // Carlsbad Ambassador

    • I am a Wisconsin city girl, but have lived in beachy San Diego for 30 years
    • I have owned a television for no more than 5 years in my entire adulthood
    • I was over 40 years old when I drank my first beer. It shook my world when I had a second
    • The color of water gives me peace (I know, it’s not really a color)
    • I became addicted to running when I turned 50 and participate in about a half dozen races per year
    • My business, Confidence without Cosmetics, makes me happy
    • I have enjoyed a lifetime of volunteerism
    • I have 4 closets
    • I’m a minimalist in progress
    • My favorite period is Art Deco
    • I am obsessed with Scottish Deerhounds and have owned 5 in my lifetime  |  @lbrialoedawn

Behind the Scenes

Erin Perkins | Mabely Q Consulting | Virtual Assistant, Design, Branding, and more! District Bliss Member

Erin, Sara-Organizer/Sanity-Saver (aka Business Manager haha)

  • I’m from Frederick, MD, so I’m pretty much a local!
  • I dreamed of working for a magazine my entire life until I tried living in NYC
  • I learned how to snowboard in my early 30s
  • I really hate onions. Why do they have to be in everything?
  • I cook dinner every night but Thursdays, when we go out. Fridays are always pizza night (homemade)!
  • I love owning my business, Mabely.Q, because I get to do fun, creative things all the time. Plus, I’m able to manage my schedule so that I can spend time with my friends and family, too!
  • I regularly change up my hair… long, short, dark, blonde, pink… more recently — a side shave!
  • My dog, Cota, is a Shiba Inu. She’s very much like a cat
  • I’m deaf, but most people don’t realize it because I speak well!
  • I love music — rock music in particular!
  • My favorite color is really the colors of the rainbow… depends on my mood. I’m not biased, all colors are my favorite
  • My home is always neat, everything has its place



LA // DC // MD // VA // USA // International Ambassadors

If you’re interested in starting a community in your district — anywhere in the world — reach out! Submit your application here. If you’d like to participate as an event sponsor or workshop leader, swing by this page!