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Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

Helping right brain thinkers make a left brain living

Our world needs CREATIVE people in order to survive — sharing their imagination, inspiration, ingenuity, compassion, courage.

Creative Successful Entrepreneurs exists to support YOU, the creative. To enable you to thrive wildly in your business, so you have the power to lift and lead and move us all forward

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Six Degree Society

Handpicked women’s networking with likeminded individuals!

Six Degrees Society is a community of future friends, collaborators and changemakers that have yet to meet–but will soon enough

Gone are the days of canvassing a room with business cards. We’ve made it as easy as attending a dinner party at your best friend’s house. All attendees are sent to you in advance along with their bios. Networking’s not too scary now is it?


All of our events begin with curated matches. Depending on the event theme you will receive 2-4 curated matches for 15 minutes each. Our events are focused on topics that are actionable and interactive from “The Art of The Pitch” to “Wine Tasting 101” to panels and discussions with experts. You’ll walk away with new connections and knowledge on the subject.