These photos are outrageous! Check out the photos from our DC Vendor Social at The Outrage!

District Bliss took on The Outrage for our summer DC Vendor Social!

The photos are in! Edward Underwood Photography captured our June event perfectly, grabbing all the details of this seriously rad store. It was hard to resist buying something (or everything!) This vendor social was decked out in red, white and blue from the name tags to the cupcakes. It got a bit toasty, but that didn’t stop the fun or awesome connections being made! Thank you so much to everyone who came out. We hope you made great quality connections and enjoyed the sips, treats, and complimentary mugs!

A huge shoutout goes to all of our talented participating vendors! Thank you for helping make the event a hit! Be sure to check these awesome creatives out!

The Outrage | Venue
Meekly Yours | Calligraphy
Events to a T | Planner
Adam Smith Music Services | DJ
Direct Cellars | Wine Tasting
Edward Underwood Photography | Photographer
LoveLe Sweets | Dessert

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Feel free to share pics & be sure to tag @districtblissdc & photo cred Edward Underwood Photography and any other vendors featured! Use the hashtag #districtblissdc so we can check out any of your own event pics you’d like to share!

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